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# SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0+
# Runs the C-language litmus tests matching the specified criteria
# that do not already have a corresponding .litmus.out file, and does
# not judge the result.
# sh
# Run from the Linux kernel tools/memory-model directory.
# See scripts/ for list of arguments.
# Copyright IBM Corporation, 2018
# Author: Paul E. McKenney <>
. scripts/
trap 'rm -rf $T' 0
mkdir $T
if test -d litmus
echo Run scripts/ first, need litmus repo.
exit 1
# Create any new directories that have appeared in the github litmus
# repo since the last run.
if test "$LKMM_DESTDIR" != "."
find litmus -type d -print |
( cd "$LKMM_DESTDIR"; sed -e 's/^/mkdir -p /' | sh )
# Create a list of the C-language litmus tests previously run.
( cd $LKMM_DESTDIR; find litmus -name '*.litmus.out' -print ) |
sed -e 's/\.out$//' |
xargs -r grep -L "^P${LKMM_PROCS}"> $T/list-C-already
# Form full list of litmus tests with no more than the specified
# number of processes (per the --procs argument).
find litmus -name '*.litmus' -exec grep -l -m 1 "^C " {} \; > $T/list-C-all
xargs < $T/list-C-all -r grep -L "^P${LKMM_PROCS}" > $T/list-C-short
# Form list of new tests. Note: This does not handle litmus-test deletion!
sort $T/list-C-already $T/list-C-short | uniq -u > $T/list-C-new
# Form list of litmus tests that have changed since the last run.
sed < $T/list-C-short -e 's,^.*$,if test & -nt '"$LKMM_DESTDIR"'/&.out; then echo &; fi,' > $T/list-C-script
sh $T/list-C-script > $T/list-C-newer
# Merge the list of new and of updated litmus tests: These must be (re)run.
sort -u $T/list-C-new $T/list-C-newer > $T/list-C-needed
scripts/ < $T/list-C-needed
exit 0