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* Xen hypervisor reserved-memory binding
Expose one or more memory regions as reserved-memory to the guest
virtual machine. Typically, a region is configured at VM creation time
to be a shared memory area across multiple virtual machines for
communication among them.
For each of these pre-shared memory regions, a range is exposed under
the /reserved-memory node as a child node. Each range sub-node is named
xen-shmem@<address> and has the following properties:
- compatible:
compatible = "xen,shared-memory-v1"
- reg:
the base guest physical address and size of the shared memory region
- xen,offset: (borrower VMs only)
64 bit integer offset within the owner virtual machine's shared
memory region used for the mapping in the borrower VM.
- xen,id:
a string that identifies the shared memory region as specified in
the VM config file