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Nuvoton NPCM7xx timer
Nuvoton NPCM7xx have three timer modules, each timer module provides five 24-bit
timer counters.
Required properties:
- compatible : "nuvoton,npcm750-timer" for Poleg NPCM750, or
"nuvoton,wpcm450-timer" for Hermon WPCM450.
- reg : Offset and length of the register set for the device.
- interrupts : Contain the timer interrupt of timer 0.
- clocks : phandle of timer reference clock (usually a 25 MHz clock).
timer@f0008000 {
compatible = "nuvoton,npcm750-timer";
interrupts = <GIC_SPI 32 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>;
reg = <0xf0008000 0x50>;
clocks = <&clk NPCM7XX_CLK_TIMER>;