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* Device tree bindings for Texas Instruments DaVinci timer
This document provides bindings for the 64-bit timer in the DaVinci
architecture devices. The timer can be configured as a general-purpose 64-bit
timer, dual general-purpose 32-bit timers. When configured as dual 32-bit
timers, each half can operate in conjunction (chain mode) or independently
(unchained mode) of each other.
The timer is a free running up-counter and can generate interrupts when the
counter reaches preset counter values.
Also see ../watchdog/davinci-wdt.txt for timers that are configurable as
watchdog timers.
Required properties:
- compatible : should be "ti,da830-timer".
- reg : specifies base physical address and count of the registers.
- interrupts : interrupts generated by the timer.
- interrupt-names: should be "tint12", "tint34", "cmpint0", "cmpint1",
"cmpint2", "cmpint3", "cmpint4", "cmpint5", "cmpint6",
"cmpint7" ("cmpintX" may be omitted if not present in the
- clocks : the clock feeding the timer clock.
clocksource: timer@20000 {
compatible = "ti,da830-timer";
reg = <0x20000 0x1000>;
interrupts = <21>, <22>, <74>, <75>, <76>, <77>, <78>, <79>,
<80>, <81>;
interrupt-names = "tint12", "tint34", "cmpint0", "cmpint1",
"cmpint2", "cmpint3", "cmpint4", "cmpint5",
"cmpint6", "cmpint7";
clocks = <&pll0_auxclk>;