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# SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only
config AUTOFS4_FS
tristate "Old Kconfig name for Kernel automounter support"
select AUTOFS_FS
This name exists for people to just automatically pick up the
new name of the autofs Kconfig option. All it does is select
the new option name.
It will go away in a release or two as people have
transitioned to just plain AUTOFS_FS.
config AUTOFS_FS
tristate "Kernel automounter support (supports v3, v4 and v5)"
default n
The automounter is a tool to automatically mount remote file systems
on demand. This implementation is partially kernel-based to reduce
overhead in the already-mounted case; this is unlike the BSD
automounter (amd), which is a pure user space daemon.
To use the automounter you need the user-space tools from
<>; you also want
to answer Y to "NFS file system support", below.
To compile this support as a module, choose M here: the module will be
called autofs.
If you are not a part of a fairly large, distributed network or
don't have a laptop which needs to dynamically reconfigure to the
local network, you probably do not need an automounter, and can say
N here.