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* Copyright (c) Yann Collet, Facebook, Inc.
* All rights reserved.
* This source code is licensed under both the BSD-style license (found in the
* LICENSE file in the root directory of this source tree) and the GPLv2 (found
* in the COPYING file in the root directory of this source tree).
* You may select, at your option, one of the above-listed licenses.
#include "../common/fse.h" /* FSE_repeat, FSE_CTable */
#include "../common/zstd_internal.h" /* symbolEncodingType_e, ZSTD_strategy */
typedef enum {
ZSTD_defaultDisallowed = 0,
ZSTD_defaultAllowed = 1
} ZSTD_defaultPolicy_e;
FSE_repeat* repeatMode, unsigned const* count, unsigned const max,
size_t const mostFrequent, size_t nbSeq, unsigned const FSELog,
FSE_CTable const* prevCTable,
short const* defaultNorm, U32 defaultNormLog,
ZSTD_defaultPolicy_e const isDefaultAllowed,
ZSTD_strategy const strategy);
ZSTD_buildCTable(void* dst, size_t dstCapacity,
FSE_CTable* nextCTable, U32 FSELog, symbolEncodingType_e type,
unsigned* count, U32 max,
const BYTE* codeTable, size_t nbSeq,
const S16* defaultNorm, U32 defaultNormLog, U32 defaultMax,
const FSE_CTable* prevCTable, size_t prevCTableSize,
void* entropyWorkspace, size_t entropyWorkspaceSize);
size_t ZSTD_encodeSequences(
void* dst, size_t dstCapacity,
FSE_CTable const* CTable_MatchLength, BYTE const* mlCodeTable,
FSE_CTable const* CTable_OffsetBits, BYTE const* ofCodeTable,
FSE_CTable const* CTable_LitLength, BYTE const* llCodeTable,
seqDef const* sequences, size_t nbSeq, int longOffsets, int bmi2);
size_t ZSTD_fseBitCost(
FSE_CTable const* ctable,
unsigned const* count,
unsigned const max);
size_t ZSTD_crossEntropyCost(short const* norm, unsigned accuracyLog,
unsigned const* count, unsigned const max);