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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only */
AudioScience HPI driver
Copyright (C) 1997-2011 AudioScience Inc. <>
Hardware Programming Interface (HPI) Utility functions
(C) Copyright AudioScience Inc. 2007
/* Initialise response headers, or msg/response pairs.
Note that it is valid to just init a response e.g. when a lower level is
preparing a response to a message.
However, when sending a message, a matching response buffer must always be
#ifndef _HPIMSGINIT_H_
#define _HPIMSGINIT_H_
void hpi_init_response(struct hpi_response *phr, u16 object, u16 function,
u16 error);
void hpi_init_message_response(struct hpi_message *phm,
struct hpi_response *phr, u16 object, u16 function);
void hpi_init_responseV1(struct hpi_response_header *phr, u16 size,
u16 object, u16 function);
void hpi_init_message_responseV1(struct hpi_message_header *phm, u16 msg_size,
struct hpi_response_header *phr, u16 res_size, u16 object,
u16 function);
#endif /* _HPIMSGINIT_H_ */