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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
* Copyright 2019 NXP
/* directions */
#define IN 0
#define OUT 1
enum asrc_pair_index {
#define PAIR_CTX_NUM 0x4
* fsl_asrc_pair: ASRC Pair common data
* @asrc: pointer to its parent module
* @error: error record
* @index: pair index (ASRC_PAIR_A, ASRC_PAIR_B, ASRC_PAIR_C)
* @channels: occupied channel number
* @desc: input and output dma descriptors
* @dma_chan: inputer and output DMA channels
* @dma_data: private dma data
* @pos: hardware pointer position
* @req_dma_chan: flag to release dev_to_dev chan
* @private: pair private area
struct fsl_asrc_pair {
struct fsl_asrc *asrc;
unsigned int error;
enum asrc_pair_index index;
unsigned int channels;
struct dma_async_tx_descriptor *desc[2];
struct dma_chan *dma_chan[2];
struct imx_dma_data dma_data;
unsigned int pos;
bool req_dma_chan;
void *private;
* fsl_asrc: ASRC common data
* @dma_params_rx: DMA parameters for receive channel
* @dma_params_tx: DMA parameters for transmit channel
* @pdev: platform device pointer
* @regmap: regmap handler
* @paddr: physical address to the base address of registers
* @mem_clk: clock source to access register
* @ipg_clk: clock source to drive peripheral
* @spba_clk: SPBA clock (optional, depending on SoC design)
* @lock: spin lock for resource protection
* @pair: pair pointers
* @channel_avail: non-occupied channel numbers
* @asrc_rate: default sample rate for ASoC Back-Ends
* @asrc_format: default sample format for ASoC Back-Ends
* @use_edma: edma is used
* @get_dma_channel: function pointer
* @request_pair: function pointer
* @release_pair: function pointer
* @get_fifo_addr: function pointer
* @pair_priv_size: size of pair private struct.
* @private: private data structure
struct fsl_asrc {
struct snd_dmaengine_dai_dma_data dma_params_rx;
struct snd_dmaengine_dai_dma_data dma_params_tx;
struct platform_device *pdev;
struct regmap *regmap;
unsigned long paddr;
struct clk *mem_clk;
struct clk *ipg_clk;
struct clk *spba_clk;
spinlock_t lock; /* spin lock for resource protection */
struct fsl_asrc_pair *pair[PAIR_CTX_NUM];
unsigned int channel_avail;
int asrc_rate;
snd_pcm_format_t asrc_format;
bool use_edma;
struct dma_chan *(*get_dma_channel)(struct fsl_asrc_pair *pair, bool dir);
int (*request_pair)(int channels, struct fsl_asrc_pair *pair);
void (*release_pair)(struct fsl_asrc_pair *pair);
int (*get_fifo_addr)(u8 dir, enum asrc_pair_index index);
size_t pair_priv_size;
void *private;
#define DRV_NAME "fsl-asrc-dai"
extern struct snd_soc_component_driver fsl_asrc_component;
#endif /* _FSL_ASRC_COMMON_H */