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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-or-later */
* Linux driver for TerraTec DMX 6Fire USB
* Author: Torsten Schenk <>
* Created: Jan 01, 2011
* Copyright: (C) Torsten Schenk
#include "common.h"
enum /* settings for comm */
struct comm_runtime {
struct sfire_chip *chip;
struct urb receiver;
u8 *receiver_buffer;
u8 serial; /* urb serial */
void (*init_urb)(struct comm_runtime *rt, struct urb *urb, u8 *buffer,
void *context, void(*handler)(struct urb *urb));
/* writes control data to the device */
int (*write8)(struct comm_runtime *rt, u8 request, u8 reg, u8 value);
int (*write16)(struct comm_runtime *rt, u8 request, u8 reg,
u8 vh, u8 vl);
int usb6fire_comm_init(struct sfire_chip *chip);
void usb6fire_comm_abort(struct sfire_chip *chip);
void usb6fire_comm_destroy(struct sfire_chip *chip);
#endif /* USB6FIRE_COMM_H */