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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only */
* Copyright (c) 2011-2016 Synaptics Incorporated
* Copyright (c) 2011 Unixphere
#ifndef _RMI_2D_SENSOR_H
#define _RMI_2D_SENSOR_H
enum rmi_2d_sensor_object_type {
struct rmi_2d_sensor_abs_object {
enum rmi_2d_sensor_object_type type;
int mt_tool;
u16 x;
u16 y;
u8 z;
u8 wx;
u8 wy;
* @axis_align - controls parameters that are useful in system prototyping
* and bring up.
* @max_x - The maximum X coordinate that will be reported by this sensor.
* @max_y - The maximum Y coordinate that will be reported by this sensor.
* @nbr_fingers - How many fingers can this sensor report?
* @data_pkt - buffer for data reported by this sensor.
* @pkt_size - number of bytes in that buffer.
* @attn_size - Size of the HID attention report (only contains abs data).
* position when two fingers are on the device. When this is true, we
* assume we have one of those sensors and report events appropriately.
* @sensor_type - indicates whether we're touchscreen or touchpad.
* @input - input device for absolute pointing stream
* @input_phys - buffer for the absolute phys name for this sensor.
struct rmi_2d_sensor {
struct rmi_2d_axis_alignment axis_align;
struct input_mt_pos *tracking_pos;
int *tracking_slots;
bool kernel_tracking;
struct rmi_2d_sensor_abs_object *objs;
int dmax;
u16 min_x;
u16 max_x;
u16 min_y;
u16 max_y;
u8 nbr_fingers;
u8 *data_pkt;
int pkt_size;
int attn_size;
bool topbuttonpad;
enum rmi_sensor_type sensor_type;
struct input_dev *input;
struct rmi_function *fn;
char input_phys[32];
u8 report_abs;
u8 report_rel;
u8 x_mm;
u8 y_mm;
enum rmi_reg_state dribble;
enum rmi_reg_state palm_detect;
int rmi_2d_sensor_of_probe(struct device *dev,
struct rmi_2d_sensor_platform_data *pdata);
void rmi_2d_sensor_abs_process(struct rmi_2d_sensor *sensor,
struct rmi_2d_sensor_abs_object *obj,
int slot);
void rmi_2d_sensor_abs_report(struct rmi_2d_sensor *sensor,
struct rmi_2d_sensor_abs_object *obj,
int slot);
void rmi_2d_sensor_rel_report(struct rmi_2d_sensor *sensor, int x, int y);
int rmi_2d_sensor_configure_input(struct rmi_function *fn,
struct rmi_2d_sensor *sensor);
#endif /* _RMI_2D_SENSOR_H */