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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only */
#ifndef _AB8500_CHARGER_H_
#define _AB8500_CHARGER_H_
#include <linux/kernel.h>
* System control 2 register offsets.
* bank = 0x02
#define AB8500_MAIN_WDOG_CTRL_REG 0x01
#define AB8500_LOW_BAT_REG 0x03
#define AB8500_BATT_OK_REG 0x04
* USB/ULPI register offsets
* Bank : 0x5
#define AB8500_USB_LINE_STAT_REG 0x80
#define AB8500_USB_LINE_CTRL2_REG 0x82
#define AB8500_USB_LINK1_STAT_REG 0x94
* Charger / status register offfsets
* Bank : 0x0B
#define AB8500_CH_STATUS1_REG 0x00
#define AB8500_CH_STATUS2_REG 0x01
#define AB8500_CH_USBCH_STAT1_REG 0x02
#define AB8500_CH_USBCH_STAT2_REG 0x03
#define AB8540_CH_USBCH_STAT3_REG 0x04
#define AB8500_CH_STAT_REG 0x05
* Charger / control register offfsets
* Bank : 0x0B
#define AB8500_CH_VOLT_LVL_REG 0x40
#define AB8500_CH_VOLT_LVL_MAX_REG 0x41 /*Only in Cut2.0*/
#define AB8500_CH_OPT_CRNTLVL_REG 0x42
#define AB8500_CH_OPT_CRNTLVL_MAX_REG 0x43 /*Only in Cut2.0*/
#define AB8500_CH_WD_TIMER_REG 0x50
#define AB8500_CHARG_WD_CTRL 0x51
#define AB8500_BTEMP_HIGH_TH 0x52
#define AB8500_LED_INDICATOR_PWM_CTRL 0x53
#define AB8500_LED_INDICATOR_PWM_DUTY 0x54
#define AB8500_BATT_OVV 0x55
#define AB8500_CHARGER_CTRL 0x56
#define AB8500_BAT_CTRL_CURRENT_SOURCE 0x60 /*Only in Cut2.0*/
* Charger / main control register offsets
* Bank : 0x0B
#define AB8500_MCH_CTRL1 0x80
#define AB8500_MCH_CTRL2 0x81
#define AB8500_MCH_IPT_CURLVL_REG 0x82
#define AB8500_CH_WD_REG 0x83
* Charger / USB control register offsets
* Bank : 0x0B
#define AB8500_USBCH_CTRL1_REG 0xC0
#define AB8500_USBCH_CTRL2_REG 0xC1
#define AB8540_USB_PP_MODE_REG 0xC5
#define AB8540_USB_PP_CHR_REG 0xC6
* Gas Gauge register offsets
* Bank : 0x0C
#define AB8500_GASG_CC_CTRL_REG 0x00
#define AB8500_GASG_CC_ACCU1_REG 0x01
#define AB8500_GASG_CC_ACCU2_REG 0x02
#define AB8500_GASG_CC_ACCU3_REG 0x03
#define AB8500_GASG_CC_ACCU4_REG 0x04
#define AB8500_GASG_CC_SMPL_CNTRL_REG 0x05
#define AB8500_GASG_CC_SMPL_CNTRH_REG 0x06
#define AB8500_GASG_CC_SMPL_CNVL_REG 0x07
#define AB8500_GASG_CC_SMPL_CNVH_REG 0x08
#define AB8500_GASG_CC_CNTR_AVGOFF_REG 0x09
#define AB8500_GASG_CC_OFFSET_REG 0x0A
#define AB8500_GASG_CC_NCOV_ACCU 0x10
#define AB8500_GASG_CC_NCOV_ACCU_CTRL 0x11
#define AB8500_GASG_CC_NCOV_ACCU_LOW 0x12
#define AB8500_GASG_CC_NCOV_ACCU_MED 0x13
#define AB8500_GASG_CC_NCOV_ACCU_HIGH 0x14
* Interrupt register offsets
* Bank : 0x0E
#define AB8500_IT_SOURCE2_REG 0x01
#define AB8500_IT_SOURCE21_REG 0x14
* RTC register offsets
* Bank: 0x0F
#define AB8500_RTC_BACKUP_CHG_REG 0x0C
#define AB8500_RTC_CC_CONF_REG 0x01
#define AB8500_RTC_CTRL_REG 0x0B
#define AB8500_RTC_CTRL1_REG 0x11
* OTP register offsets
* Bank : 0x15
#define AB8500_OTP_CONF_15 0x0E
/* GPADC constants from AB8500 spec, UM0836 */
#define ADC_RESOLUTION 1024
#define ADC_CH_MAIN_MIN 0
#define ADC_CH_MAIN_MAX 20030
#define ADC_CH_VBUS_MIN 0
#define ADC_CH_VBUS_MAX 20030
#define ADC_CH_VBAT_MIN 2300
#define ADC_CH_VBAT_MAX 4800
#define ADC_CH_BKBAT_MIN 0
#define ADC_CH_BKBAT_MAX 3200
/* Main charge i/p current */
#define MAIN_CH_IP_CUR_0P9A 0x80
#define MAIN_CH_IP_CUR_1P0A 0x90
#define MAIN_CH_IP_CUR_1P1A 0xA0
#define MAIN_CH_IP_CUR_1P2A 0xB0
#define MAIN_CH_IP_CUR_1P3A 0xC0
#define MAIN_CH_IP_CUR_1P4A 0xD0
#define MAIN_CH_IP_CUR_1P5A 0xE0
/* ChVoltLevel */
#define CH_VOL_LVL_3P5 0x00
#define CH_VOL_LVL_4P0 0x14
#define CH_VOL_LVL_4P05 0x16
#define CH_VOL_LVL_4P1 0x1B
#define CH_VOL_LVL_4P15 0x20
#define CH_VOL_LVL_4P2 0x25
#define CH_VOL_LVL_4P6 0x4D
/* ChOutputCurrentLevel */
#define CH_OP_CUR_LVL_0P1 0x00
#define CH_OP_CUR_LVL_0P2 0x01
#define CH_OP_CUR_LVL_0P3 0x02
#define CH_OP_CUR_LVL_0P4 0x03
#define CH_OP_CUR_LVL_0P5 0x04
#define CH_OP_CUR_LVL_0P6 0x05
#define CH_OP_CUR_LVL_0P7 0x06
#define CH_OP_CUR_LVL_0P8 0x07
#define CH_OP_CUR_LVL_0P9 0x08
#define CH_OP_CUR_LVL_1P4 0x0D
#define CH_OP_CUR_LVL_1P5 0x0E
#define CH_OP_CUR_LVL_1P6 0x0F
#define CH_OP_CUR_LVL_2P 0x3F
/* BTEMP High thermal limits */
#define BTEMP_HIGH_TH_57_0 0x00
#define BTEMP_HIGH_TH_52 0x01
#define BTEMP_HIGH_TH_57_1 0x02
#define BTEMP_HIGH_TH_62 0x03
/* current is mA */
#define USB_0P1A 100
#define USB_0P2A 200
#define USB_0P3A 300
#define USB_0P4A 400
#define USB_0P5A 500
#define LOW_BAT_3P1V 0x20
#define LOW_BAT_2P3V 0x00
#define LOW_BAT_RESET 0x01
#define LOW_BAT_ENABLE 0x01
/* Backup battery constants */
#define BUP_ICH_SEL_50UA 0x00
#define BUP_ICH_SEL_150UA 0x04
#define BUP_ICH_SEL_300UA 0x08
#define BUP_ICH_SEL_700UA 0x0C
enum bup_vch_sel {
* Note that the following 5 values 2.7v, 2.9v, 3.0v, 3.2v, 3.3v
* are only available on ab8540. You can't choose these 5
* voltage on ab8500/ab8505/ab9540.
#define BUP_VCH_RANGE 0x02
#define VBUP33_VRTCN 0x01
/* Battery OVV constants */
#define BATT_OVV_ENA 0x02
#define BATT_OVV_TH_3P7 0x00
#define BATT_OVV_TH_4P75 0x01
/* A value to indicate over voltage */
#define BATT_OVV_VALUE 4750
/* VBUS OVV constants */
#define VBUS_OVV_SELECT_5P6V 0x00
#define VBUS_OVV_SELECT_5P7V 0x08
#define VBUS_OVV_SELECT_5P8V 0x10
#define VBUS_OVV_SELECT_5P9V 0x18
#define VBUS_OVV_SELECT_6P0V 0x20
#define VBUS_OVV_SELECT_6P1V 0x28
#define VBUS_OVV_SELECT_6P2V 0x30
#define VBUS_OVV_SELECT_6P3V 0x38
/* Fuel Gauge constants */
#define RESET_ACCU 0x02
#define READ_REQ 0x01
#define CC_DEEP_SLEEP_ENA 0x02
#define CC_PWR_UP_ENA 0x01
#define CC_SAMPLES_40 0x28
#define RD_NCONV_ACCU_REQ 0x01
#define CC_CALIB 0x08
#define CC_MUXOFFSET 0x80
#define CC_INT_CAL_N_AVG_MASK 0x60
#define CC_INT_CAL_SAMPLES_16 0x40
#define CC_INT_CAL_SAMPLES_8 0x20
#define CC_INT_CAL_SAMPLES_4 0x00
/* RTC constants */
#define RTC_BUP_CH_ENA 0x10
/* BatCtrl Current Source Constants */
#define BAT_CTRL_7U_ENA 0x01
#define BAT_CTRL_20U_ENA 0x02
#define BAT_CTRL_18U_ENA 0x01
#define BAT_CTRL_16U_ENA 0x02
#define BAT_CTRL_CMP_ENA 0x04
#define BAT_CTRL_PULL_UP_ENA 0x10
/* Battery type */
/* Registers for pcut feature in ab8505 and ab9540 */
#define AB8505_RTC_PCUT_CTL_STATUS_REG 0x12
#define AB8505_RTC_PCUT_TIME_REG 0x13
#define AB8505_RTC_PCUT_MAX_TIME_REG 0x14
#define AB8505_RTC_PCUT_FLAG_TIME_REG 0x15
#define AB8505_RTC_PCUT_RESTART_REG 0x16
#define AB8505_RTC_PCUT_DEBOUNCE_REG 0x17
/* USB Power Path constants for ab8540 */
#define BUS_VSYS_VOL_SELECT_3P6V 0x00
#define BUS_VSYS_VOL_SELECT_3P325V 0x02
#define BUS_VSYS_VOL_SELECT_3P9V 0x04
#define BUS_VSYS_VOL_SELECT_4P3V 0x06
* ADC for the battery thermistor.
* When using the AB8500_ADC_THERM_BATCTRL the battery ID resistor is combined
* with a NTC resistor to both identify the battery and to measure its
* temperature. Different phone manufactures uses different techniques to both
* identify the battery and to read its temperature.
enum ab8500_adc_therm {
* struct ab8500_res_to_temp - defines one point in a temp to res curve. To
* be used in battery packs that combines the identification resistor with a
* NTC resistor.
* @temp: battery pack temperature in Celsius
* @resist: NTC resistor net total resistance
struct ab8500_res_to_temp {
int temp;
int resist;
* struct ab8500_v_to_cap - Table for translating voltage to capacity
* @voltage: Voltage in mV
* @capacity: Capacity in percent
struct ab8500_v_to_cap {
int voltage;
int capacity;
/* Forward declaration */
struct ab8500_fg;
* struct ab8500_fg_parameters - Fuel gauge algorithm parameters, in seconds
* if not specified
* @recovery_sleep_timer: Time between measurements while recovering
* @recovery_total_time: Total recovery time
* @init_timer: Measurement interval during startup
* @init_discard_time: Time we discard voltage measurement at startup
* @init_total_time: Total init time during startup
* @high_curr_time: Time current has to be high to go to recovery
* @accu_charging: FG accumulation time while charging
* @accu_high_curr: FG accumulation time in high current mode
* @high_curr_threshold: High current threshold, in mA
* @lowbat_threshold: Low battery threshold, in mV
* @overbat_threshold: Over battery threshold, in mV
* @battok_falling_th_sel0 Threshold in mV for battOk signal sel0
* Resolution in 50 mV step.
* @battok_raising_th_sel1 Threshold in mV for battOk signal sel1
* Resolution in 50 mV step.
* @user_cap_limit Capacity reported from user must be within this
* limit to be considered as sane, in percentage
* points.
* @maint_thres This is the threshold where we stop reporting
* battery full while in maintenance, in per cent
* @pcut_enable: Enable power cut feature in ab8505
* @pcut_max_time: Max time threshold
* @pcut_flag_time: Flagtime threshold
* @pcut_max_restart: Max number of restarts
* @pcut_debounce_time: Sets battery debounce time
struct ab8500_fg_parameters {
int recovery_sleep_timer;
int recovery_total_time;
int init_timer;
int init_discard_time;
int init_total_time;
int high_curr_time;
int accu_charging;
int accu_high_curr;
int high_curr_threshold;
int lowbat_threshold;
int overbat_threshold;
int battok_falling_th_sel0;
int battok_raising_th_sel1;
int user_cap_limit;
int maint_thres;
bool pcut_enable;
u8 pcut_max_time;
u8 pcut_flag_time;
u8 pcut_max_restart;
u8 pcut_debounce_time;
* struct ab8500_charger_maximization - struct used by the board config.
* @use_maxi: Enable maximization for this battery type
* @maxi_chg_curr: Maximum charger current allowed
* @maxi_wait_cycles: cycles to wait before setting charger current
* @charger_curr_step delta between two charger current settings (mA)
struct ab8500_maxim_parameters {
bool ena_maxi;
int chg_curr;
int wait_cycles;
int charger_curr_step;
* struct ab8500_battery_type - different batteries supported
* @name: battery technology
* @resis_high: battery upper resistance limit
* @resis_low: battery lower resistance limit
* @charge_full_design: Maximum battery capacity in mAh
* @nominal_voltage: Nominal voltage of the battery in mV
* @termination_vol: max voltage upto which battery can be charged
* @termination_curr battery charging termination current in mA
* @recharge_cap battery capacity limit that will trigger a new
* full charging cycle in the case where maintenan-
* -ce charging has been disabled
* @normal_cur_lvl: charger current in normal state in mA
* @normal_vol_lvl: charger voltage in normal state in mV
* @maint_a_cur_lvl: charger current in maintenance A state in mA
* @maint_a_vol_lvl: charger voltage in maintenance A state in mV
* @maint_a_chg_timer_h: charge time in maintenance A state
* @maint_b_cur_lvl: charger current in maintenance B state in mA
* @maint_b_vol_lvl: charger voltage in maintenance B state in mV
* @maint_b_chg_timer_h: charge time in maintenance B state
* @low_high_cur_lvl: charger current in temp low/high state in mA
* @low_high_vol_lvl: charger voltage in temp low/high state in mV'
* @battery_resistance: battery inner resistance in mOhm.
* @n_r_t_tbl_elements: number of elements in r_to_t_tbl
* @r_to_t_tbl: table containing resistance to temp points
* @n_v_cap_tbl_elements: number of elements in v_to_cap_tbl
* @v_to_cap_tbl: Voltage to capacity (in %) table
* @n_batres_tbl_elements number of elements in the batres_tbl
* @batres_tbl battery internal resistance vs temperature table
struct ab8500_battery_type {
int name;
int resis_high;
int resis_low;
int charge_full_design;
int nominal_voltage;
int termination_vol;
int termination_curr;
int recharge_cap;
int normal_cur_lvl;
int normal_vol_lvl;
int maint_a_cur_lvl;
int maint_a_vol_lvl;
int maint_a_chg_timer_h;
int maint_b_cur_lvl;
int maint_b_vol_lvl;
int maint_b_chg_timer_h;
int low_high_cur_lvl;
int low_high_vol_lvl;
int battery_resistance;
int n_temp_tbl_elements;
const struct ab8500_res_to_temp *r_to_t_tbl;
int n_v_cap_tbl_elements;
const struct ab8500_v_to_cap *v_to_cap_tbl;
int n_batres_tbl_elements;
const struct batres_vs_temp *batres_tbl;
* struct ab8500_bm_capacity_levels - ab8500 capacity level data
* @critical: critical capacity level in percent
* @low: low capacity level in percent
* @normal: normal capacity level in percent
* @high: high capacity level in percent
* @full: full capacity level in percent
struct ab8500_bm_capacity_levels {
int critical;
int low;
int normal;
int high;
int full;
* struct ab8500_bm_charger_parameters - Charger specific parameters
* @usb_volt_max: maximum allowed USB charger voltage in mV
* @usb_curr_max: maximum allowed USB charger current in mA
* @ac_volt_max: maximum allowed AC charger voltage in mV
* @ac_curr_max: maximum allowed AC charger current in mA
struct ab8500_bm_charger_parameters {
int usb_volt_max;
int usb_curr_max;
int ac_volt_max;
int ac_curr_max;
* struct ab8500_bm_data - ab8500 battery management data
* @temp_under under this temp, charging is stopped
* @temp_low between this temp and temp_under charging is reduced
* @temp_high between this temp and temp_over charging is reduced
* @temp_over over this temp, charging is stopped
* @temp_now present battery temperature
* @temp_interval_chg temperature measurement interval in s when charging
* @temp_interval_nochg temperature measurement interval in s when not charging
* @main_safety_tmr_h safety timer for main charger
* @usb_safety_tmr_h safety timer for usb charger
* @bkup_bat_v voltage which we charge the backup battery with
* @bkup_bat_i current which we charge the backup battery with
* @no_maintenance indicates that maintenance charging is disabled
* @capacity_scaling indicates whether capacity scaling is to be used
* @ab8500_adc_therm placement of thermistor, batctrl or battemp adc
* @chg_unknown_bat flag to enable charging of unknown batteries
* @enable_overshoot flag to enable VBAT overshoot control
* @auto_trig flag to enable auto adc trigger
* @fg_res resistance of FG resistor in 0.1mOhm
* @n_btypes number of elements in array bat_type
* @batt_id index of the identified battery in array bat_type
* @interval_charging charge alg cycle period time when charging (sec)
* @interval_not_charging charge alg cycle period time when not charging (sec)
* @temp_hysteresis temperature hysteresis
* @gnd_lift_resistance Battery ground to phone ground resistance (mOhm)
* @n_chg_out_curr number of elements in array chg_output_curr
* @n_chg_in_curr number of elements in array chg_input_curr
* @chg_output_curr charger output current level map
* @chg_input_curr charger input current level map
* @maxi maximization parameters
* @cap_levels capacity in percent for the different capacity levels
* @bat_type table of supported battery types
* @chg_params charger parameters
* @fg_params fuel gauge parameters
struct ab8500_bm_data {
int temp_under;
int temp_low;
int temp_high;
int temp_over;
int temp_now;
int temp_interval_chg;
int temp_interval_nochg;
int main_safety_tmr_h;
int usb_safety_tmr_h;
int bkup_bat_v;
int bkup_bat_i;
bool no_maintenance;
bool capacity_scaling;
bool chg_unknown_bat;
bool enable_overshoot;
bool auto_trig;
enum ab8500_adc_therm adc_therm;
int fg_res;
int n_btypes;
int batt_id;
int interval_charging;
int interval_not_charging;
int temp_hysteresis;
int gnd_lift_resistance;
int n_chg_out_curr;
int n_chg_in_curr;
int *chg_output_curr;
int *chg_input_curr;
const struct ab8500_maxim_parameters *maxi;
const struct ab8500_bm_capacity_levels *cap_levels;
struct ab8500_battery_type *bat_type;
const struct ab8500_bm_charger_parameters *chg_params;
const struct ab8500_fg_parameters *fg_params;
enum {
* struct res_to_temp - defines one point in a temp to res curve. To
* be used in battery packs that combines the identification resistor with a
* NTC resistor.
* @temp: battery pack temperature in Celsius
* @resist: NTC resistor net total resistance
struct res_to_temp {
int temp;
int resist;
* struct batres_vs_temp - defines one point in a temp vs battery internal
* resistance curve.
* @temp: battery pack temperature in Celsius
* @resist: battery internal reistance in mOhm
struct batres_vs_temp {
int temp;
int resist;
/* Forward declaration */
struct ab8500_fg;
extern struct ab8500_bm_data ab8500_bm_data;
void ab8500_charger_usb_state_changed(u8 bm_usb_state, u16 mA);
struct ab8500_fg *ab8500_fg_get(void);
int ab8500_fg_inst_curr_blocking(struct ab8500_fg *dev);
int ab8500_fg_inst_curr_start(struct ab8500_fg *di);
int ab8500_fg_inst_curr_finalize(struct ab8500_fg *di, int *res);
int ab8500_fg_inst_curr_started(struct ab8500_fg *di);
int ab8500_fg_inst_curr_done(struct ab8500_fg *di);
int ab8500_bm_of_probe(struct device *dev,
struct device_node *np,
struct ab8500_bm_data *bm);
extern struct platform_driver ab8500_fg_driver;
extern struct platform_driver ab8500_btemp_driver;
extern struct platform_driver ab8500_chargalg_driver;
#endif /* _AB8500_CHARGER_H_ */