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What: /sys/bus/iio/devices/iio:deviceX/out_altvoltageY_frequency_resolution
KernelVersion: 3.4.0
Stores channel Y frequency resolution/channel spacing in Hz.
The value given directly influences the MODULUS used by
the fractional-N PLL. It is assumed that the algorithm
that is used to compute the various dividers, is able to
generate proper values for multiples of channel spacing.
What: /sys/bus/iio/devices/iio:deviceX/out_altvoltageY_refin_frequency
KernelVersion: 3.4.0
Sets channel Y REFin frequency in Hz. In some clock chained
applications, the reference frequency used by the PLL may
change during runtime. This attribute allows the user to
adjust the reference frequency accordingly.
The value written has no effect until out_altvoltageY_frequency
is updated. Consider to use out_altvoltageY_powerdown to power
down the PLL and its RFOut buffers during REFin changes.