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What: /sys/.../uevent
Date: May 2017
KernelVersion: 4.13
Contact: Linux kernel mailing list <>
Enable passing additional variables for synthetic uevents that
are generated by writing /sys/.../uevent file.
Recognized extended format is::
The ACTION is compulsory - it is the name of the uevent
action (``add``, ``change``, ``remove``). There is no change
compared to previous functionality here. The rest of the
extended format is optional.
You need to pass UUID first before any KEY=VALUE pairs.
The UUID must be in ``xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx``
format where 'x' is a hex digit. The UUID is considered to be
a transaction identifier so it's possible to use the same UUID
value for one or more synthetic uevents in which case we
logically group these uevents together for any userspace
listeners. The UUID value appears in uevent as
``SYNTH_UUID=xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx`` environment
If UUID is not passed in, the generated synthetic uevent gains
``SYNTH_UUID=0`` environment variable automatically.
The KEY=VALUE pairs can contain alphanumeric characters only.
It's possible to define zero or more pairs - each pair is then
delimited by a space character ' '. Each pair appears in
synthetic uevent as ``SYNTH_ARG_KEY=VALUE``. That means the KEY
name gains ``SYNTH_ARG_`` prefix to avoid possible collisions
with existing variables.
Example of valid sequence written to the uevent file::
add fe4d7c9d-b8c6-4a70-9ef1-3d8a58d18eed A=1 B=abc
This generates synthetic uevent including these variables::
udev, userspace tools generating synthetic uevents