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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
* Shared Memory Communications over RDMA (SMC-R) and RoCE
* Definitions for the SMC module (socket related)
* Copyright IBM Corp. 2016
* Author(s): Ursula Braun <>
#ifndef _SMC_H
#define _SMC_H
#define SMC_MAX_PNETID_LEN 16 /* Max. length of PNET id */
struct smc_hashinfo {
rwlock_t lock;
struct hlist_head ht;
int smc_hash_sk(struct sock *sk);
void smc_unhash_sk(struct sock *sk);
/* SMCD/ISM device driver interface */
struct smcd_dmb {
u64 dmb_tok;
u64 rgid;
u32 dmb_len;
u32 sba_idx;
u32 vlan_valid;
u32 vlan_id;
void *cpu_addr;
dma_addr_t dma_addr;
#define ISM_EVENT_DMB 0
#define ISM_EVENT_GID 1
#define ISM_EVENT_SWR 2
#define ISM_ERROR 0xFFFF
struct smcd_event {
u32 type;
u32 code;
u64 tok;
u64 time;
u64 info;
struct smcd_dev;
struct smcd_ops {
int (*query_remote_gid)(struct smcd_dev *dev, u64 rgid, u32 vid_valid,
u32 vid);
int (*register_dmb)(struct smcd_dev *dev, struct smcd_dmb *dmb);
int (*unregister_dmb)(struct smcd_dev *dev, struct smcd_dmb *dmb);
int (*add_vlan_id)(struct smcd_dev *dev, u64 vlan_id);
int (*del_vlan_id)(struct smcd_dev *dev, u64 vlan_id);
int (*set_vlan_required)(struct smcd_dev *dev);
int (*reset_vlan_required)(struct smcd_dev *dev);
int (*signal_event)(struct smcd_dev *dev, u64 rgid, u32 trigger_irq,
u32 event_code, u64 info);
int (*move_data)(struct smcd_dev *dev, u64 dmb_tok, unsigned int idx,
bool sf, unsigned int offset, void *data,
unsigned int size);
void (*get_system_eid)(struct smcd_dev *dev, u8 **eid);
u16 (*get_chid)(struct smcd_dev *dev);
struct smcd_dev {
const struct smcd_ops *ops;
struct device dev;
void *priv;
u64 local_gid;
struct list_head list;
spinlock_t lock;
struct smc_connection **conn;
struct list_head vlan;
struct workqueue_struct *event_wq;
u8 pnetid[SMC_MAX_PNETID_LEN];
bool pnetid_by_user;
struct list_head lgr_list;
spinlock_t lgr_lock;
atomic_t lgr_cnt;
wait_queue_head_t lgrs_deleted;
u8 going_away : 1;
struct smcd_dev *smcd_alloc_dev(struct device *parent, const char *name,
const struct smcd_ops *ops, int max_dmbs);
int smcd_register_dev(struct smcd_dev *smcd);
void smcd_unregister_dev(struct smcd_dev *smcd);
void smcd_free_dev(struct smcd_dev *smcd);
void smcd_handle_event(struct smcd_dev *dev, struct smcd_event *event);
void smcd_handle_irq(struct smcd_dev *dev, unsigned int bit);
#endif /* _SMC_H */