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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 WITH Linux-syscall-note */
#include <asm-generic/int-ll64.h>
* The C99 types uintXX_t that are usually defined in 'stdint.h' are not as
* unambiguous on ARM as you would expect. For the types below, there is a
* difference on ARM between GCC built for bare metal ARM, GCC built for glibc
* and the kernel itself, which results in build errors if you try to build with
* -ffreestanding and include 'stdint.h' (such as when you include 'arm_neon.h'
* in order to use NEON intrinsics)
* As the typedefs for these types in 'stdint.h' are based on builtin defines
* supplied by GCC, we can tweak these to align with the kernel's idea of those
* types, so 'linux/types.h' and 'stdint.h' can be safely included from the same
* source file (provided that -ffreestanding is used).
* int32_t uint32_t uintptr_t
* bare metal GCC long unsigned long unsigned int
* glibc GCC int unsigned int unsigned int
* kernel int unsigned int unsigned long
#ifdef __INT32_TYPE__
#undef __INT32_TYPE__
#define __INT32_TYPE__ int
#ifdef __UINT32_TYPE__
#undef __UINT32_TYPE__
#define __UINT32_TYPE__ unsigned int
#ifdef __UINTPTR_TYPE__
#undef __UINTPTR_TYPE__
#define __UINTPTR_TYPE__ unsigned long
#endif /* _UAPI_ASM_TYPES_H */