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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
* amlogic.h - hardware cryptographic offloader for Amlogic SoC
* Copyright (C) 2018-2019 Corentin LABBE <>
#include <crypto/aes.h>
#include <crypto/engine.h>
#include <crypto/skcipher.h>
#include <linux/debugfs.h>
#include <linux/crypto.h>
#include <linux/scatterlist.h>
#define MODE_KEY 1
#define MODE_AES_128 0x8
#define MODE_AES_192 0x9
#define MODE_AES_256 0xa
#define MAXFLOW 2
#define MAXDESC 64
#define DESC_LAST BIT(18)
#define DESC_OWN BIT(31)
* struct meson_desc - Descriptor for DMA operations
* Note that without datasheet, some are unknown
* @t_status: Descriptor of the cipher operation (see description below)
* @t_src: Physical address of data to read
* @t_dst: Physical address of data to write
* t_status is segmented like this:
* @len: 0-16 length of data to operate
* @irq: 17 Ignored by hardware
* @eoc: 18 End means the descriptor is the last
* @loop: 19 Unknown
* @mode: 20-23 Type of algorithm (AES, SHA)
* @begin: 24 Unknown
* @end: 25 Unknown
* @op_mode: 26-27 Blockmode (CBC, ECB)
* @enc: 28 0 means decryption, 1 is for encryption
* @block: 29 Unknown
* @error: 30 Unknown
* @owner: 31 owner of the descriptor, 1 own by HW
struct meson_desc {
__le32 t_status;
__le32 t_src;
__le32 t_dst;
* struct meson_flow - Information used by each flow
* @engine: ptr to the crypto_engine for this flow
* @keylen: keylen for this flow operation
* @complete: completion for the current task on this flow
* @status: set to 1 by interrupt if task is done
* @t_phy: Physical address of task
* @tl: pointer to the current ce_task for this flow
* @stat_req: number of request done by this flow
struct meson_flow {
struct crypto_engine *engine;
struct completion complete;
int status;
unsigned int keylen;
dma_addr_t t_phy;
struct meson_desc *tl;
unsigned long stat_req;
* struct meson_dev - main container for all this driver information
* @base: base address of amlogic-crypto
* @busclk: bus clock for amlogic-crypto
* @dev: the platform device
* @chanlist: array of all flow
* @flow: flow to use in next request
* @irqs: IRQ numbers for amlogic-crypto
* @dbgfs_dir: Debugfs dentry for statistic directory
* @dbgfs_stats: Debugfs dentry for statistic counters
struct meson_dev {
void __iomem *base;
struct clk *busclk;
struct device *dev;
struct meson_flow *chanlist;
atomic_t flow;
int *irqs;
struct dentry *dbgfs_dir;
* struct meson_cipher_req_ctx - context for a skcipher request
* @op_dir: direction (encrypt vs decrypt) for this request
* @flow: the flow to use for this request
struct meson_cipher_req_ctx {
u32 op_dir;
int flow;
struct skcipher_request fallback_req; // keep at the end
* struct meson_cipher_tfm_ctx - context for a skcipher TFM
* @enginectx: crypto_engine used by this TFM
* @key: pointer to key data
* @keylen: len of the key
* @keymode: The keymode(type and size of key) associated with this TFM
* @mc: pointer to the private data of driver handling this TFM
* @fallback_tfm: pointer to the fallback TFM
struct meson_cipher_tfm_ctx {
struct crypto_engine_ctx enginectx;
u32 *key;
u32 keylen;
u32 keymode;
struct meson_dev *mc;
struct crypto_skcipher *fallback_tfm;
* struct meson_alg_template - crypto_alg template
* @type: the CRYPTO_ALG_TYPE for this template
* @blockmode: the type of block operation
* @mc: pointer to the meson_dev structure associated with this template
* @alg: one of sub struct must be used
* @stat_req: number of request done on this template
* @stat_fb: total of all data len done on this template
struct meson_alg_template {
u32 type;
u32 blockmode;
union {
struct skcipher_alg skcipher;
} alg;
struct meson_dev *mc;
unsigned long stat_req;
unsigned long stat_fb;
int meson_enqueue(struct crypto_async_request *areq, u32 type);
int meson_aes_setkey(struct crypto_skcipher *tfm, const u8 *key,
unsigned int keylen);
int meson_cipher_init(struct crypto_tfm *tfm);
void meson_cipher_exit(struct crypto_tfm *tfm);
int meson_skdecrypt(struct skcipher_request *areq);
int meson_skencrypt(struct skcipher_request *areq);