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What: /sys/bus/nd/devices/nmemX/papr/flags
Date: Apr, 2020
KernelVersion: v5.8
Contact: linuxppc-dev <>,,
(RO) Report flags indicating various states of a
papr-pmem NVDIMM device. Each flag maps to a one or
more bits set in the dimm-health-bitmap retrieved in
response to H_SCM_HEALTH hcall. The details of the bit
flags returned in response to this hcall is available
at 'Documentation/powerpc/papr_hcalls.rst' . Below are
the flags reported in this sysfs file:
* "not_armed"
Indicates that NVDIMM contents will not
survive a power cycle.
* "flush_fail"
Indicates that NVDIMM contents
couldn't be flushed during last
shut-down event.
* "restore_fail"
Indicates that NVDIMM contents
couldn't be restored during NVDIMM
* "encrypted"
NVDIMM contents are encrypted.
* "smart_notify"
There is health event for the NVDIMM.
* "scrubbed"
Indicating that contents of the
NVDIMM have been scrubbed.
* "locked"
Indicating that NVDIMM contents cant
be modified until next power cycle.
What: /sys/bus/nd/devices/nmemX/papr/perf_stats
Date: May, 2020
KernelVersion: v5.9
Contact: linuxppc-dev <>,,
(RO) Report various performance stats related to papr-scm NVDIMM
device. This attribute is only available for NVDIMM devices
that support reporting NVDIMM performance stats. Each stat is
reported on a new line with each line composed of a
stat-identifier followed by it value. Below are currently known
dimm performance stats which are reported:
* "CtlResCt" : Controller Reset Count
* "CtlResTm" : Controller Reset Elapsed Time
* "PonSecs " : Power-on Seconds
* "MemLife " : Life Remaining
* "CritRscU" : Critical Resource Utilization
* "HostLCnt" : Host Load Count
* "HostSCnt" : Host Store Count
* "HostSDur" : Host Store Duration
* "HostLDur" : Host Load Duration
* "MedRCnt " : Media Read Count
* "MedWCnt " : Media Write Count
* "MedRDur " : Media Read Duration
* "MedWDur " : Media Write Duration
* "CchRHCnt" : Cache Read Hit Count
* "CchWHCnt" : Cache Write Hit Count
* "FastWCnt" : Fast Write Count