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What: /sys/bus/hid/drivers/logitech-hidpp-device/<dev>/range
Date: Jan, 2016
KernelVersion: 4.6
(RW) This attribute controls the amount of 'turn' permitted in
Logitech G920 wheel. Reading from the file shows the current
range of the steering wheel. Writing a value within the min and
max boundary sets the range of the wheel.
What: /sys/bus/hid/drivers/logitech-hidpp-device/<dev>/builtin_power_supply
Date: Apr, 2017
KernelVersion: 4.12
Presence of this file indicates that HID++ driver is capable of
handling battery properties in the kernel. This way, upower can
add a udev rule to decide whether or not it should use the
internal unifying support or the generic kernel one.