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What: /sys/firmware/dmi/tables/
Date: April 2015
Contact: Ivan Khoronzhuk <>
The firmware provides DMI structures as a packed list of
data referenced by a SMBIOS table entry point. The SMBIOS
entry point contains general information, like SMBIOS
version, DMI table size, etc. The structure, content and
size of SMBIOS entry point is dependent on SMBIOS version.
The format of SMBIOS entry point and DMI structures
can be read in SMBIOS specification.
The dmi/tables provides raw SMBIOS entry point and DMI tables
through sysfs as an alternative to utilities reading them
from /dev/mem. The raw SMBIOS entry point and DMI table are
presented as binary attributes and are accessible via:
The complete DMI information can be obtained using these two