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What: /sys/devices/platform/<platform>/etr3
Date: Apr 2021
KernelVersion: 5.13
Contact: "Tomas Winkler" <>
The file exposes "Extended Test Mode Register 3" global
reset bits. The bits are used during an Intel platform
manufacturing process to indicate that consequent reset
of the platform is a "global reset". This type of reset
is required in order for manufacturing configurations
to take effect.
Display global reset setting bits for PMC.
* bit 31 - global reset is locked
* bit 20 - global reset is set
Writing bit 20 value to the etr3 will induce
a platform "global reset" upon consequent platform reset,
in case the register is not locked.
The "global reset bit" should be locked on a production
system and the file is in read-only mode.