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.. SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0
mlx4 devlink support
This document describes the devlink features implemented by the ``mlx4``
device driver.
.. list-table:: Generic parameters implemented
* - Name
- Mode
* - ``internal_err_reset``
- driverinit, runtime
* - ``max_macs``
- driverinit
* - ``region_snapshot_enable``
- driverinit, runtime
The ``mlx4`` driver also implements the following driver-specific
.. list-table:: Driver-specific parameters implemented
:widths: 5 5 5 85
* - Name
- Type
- Mode
- Description
* - ``enable_64b_cqe_eqe``
- Boolean
- driverinit
- Enable 64 byte CQEs/EQEs, if the FW supports it.
* - ``enable_4k_uar``
- Boolean
- driverinit
- Enable using the 4k UAR.
The ``mlx4`` driver supports reloading via ``DEVLINK_CMD_RELOAD``
The ``mlx4`` driver supports dumping the firmware PCI crspace and health
buffer during a critical firmware issue.
In case a firmware command times out, firmware getting stuck, or a non zero
value on the catastrophic buffer, a snapshot will be taken by the driver.
The ``cr-space`` region will contain the firmware PCI crspace contents. The
``fw-health`` region will contain the device firmware's health buffer.
Snapshots for both of these regions are taken on the same event triggers.