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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
* struct iio_dev_opaque - industrial I/O device opaque information
* @indio_dev: public industrial I/O device information
* @id: used to identify device internally
* @driver_module: used to make it harder to undercut users
* @info_exist_lock: lock to prevent use during removal
* @trig_readonly: mark the current trigger immutable
* @event_interface: event chrdevs associated with interrupt lines
* @attached_buffers: array of buffers statically attached by the driver
* @attached_buffers_cnt: number of buffers in the array of statically attached buffers
* @buffer_ioctl_handler: ioctl() handler for this IIO device's buffer interface
* @buffer_list: list of all buffers currently attached
* @channel_attr_list: keep track of automatically created channel
* attributes
* @chan_attr_group: group for all attrs in base directory
* @ioctl_handlers: ioctl handlers registered with the core handler
* @groups: attribute groups
* @groupcounter: index of next attribute group
* @legacy_scan_el_group: attribute group for legacy scan elements attribute group
* @legacy_buffer_group: attribute group for legacy buffer attributes group
* @bounce_buffer: for devices that call iio_push_to_buffers_with_timestamp_unaligned()
* @bounce_buffer_size: size of currently allocate bounce buffer
* @scan_index_timestamp: cache of the index to the timestamp
* @clock_id: timestamping clock posix identifier
* @chrdev: associated character device
* @flags: file ops related flags including busy flag.
* @debugfs_dentry: device specific debugfs dentry
* @cached_reg_addr: cached register address for debugfs reads
* @read_buf: read buffer to be used for the initial reg read
* @read_buf_len: data length in @read_buf
struct iio_dev_opaque {
struct iio_dev indio_dev;
int id;
struct module *driver_module;
struct mutex info_exist_lock;
bool trig_readonly;
struct iio_event_interface *event_interface;
struct iio_buffer **attached_buffers;
unsigned int attached_buffers_cnt;
struct iio_ioctl_handler *buffer_ioctl_handler;
struct list_head buffer_list;
struct list_head channel_attr_list;
struct attribute_group chan_attr_group;
struct list_head ioctl_handlers;
const struct attribute_group **groups;
int groupcounter;
struct attribute_group legacy_scan_el_group;
struct attribute_group legacy_buffer_group;
void *bounce_buffer;
size_t bounce_buffer_size;
unsigned int scan_index_timestamp;
clockid_t clock_id;
struct cdev chrdev;
unsigned long flags;
#if defined(CONFIG_DEBUG_FS)
struct dentry *debugfs_dentry;
unsigned cached_reg_addr;
char read_buf[20];
unsigned int read_buf_len;
#define to_iio_dev_opaque(_indio_dev) \
container_of((_indio_dev), struct iio_dev_opaque, indio_dev)