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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0
* Copyright (C) 2019 Texas Instruments Incorporated -
#include <linux/mtd/map.h>
/* HyperBus command bits */
#define HYPERBUS_RW 0x80 /* R/W# */
#define HYPERBUS_RW_READ 0x80
#define HYPERBUS_AS 0x40 /* Address Space */
#define HYPERBUS_AS_REG 0x40
#define HYPERBUS_BT 0x20 /* Burst Type */
enum hyperbus_memtype {
* struct hyperbus_device - struct representing HyperBus slave device
* @map: map_info struct for accessing MMIO HyperBus flash memory
* @np: pointer to HyperBus slave device node
* @mtd: pointer to MTD struct
* @ctlr: pointer to HyperBus controller struct
* @memtype: type of memory device: HyperFlash or HyperRAM
* @priv: pointer to controller specific per device private data
struct hyperbus_device {
struct map_info map;
struct device_node *np;
struct mtd_info *mtd;
struct hyperbus_ctlr *ctlr;
enum hyperbus_memtype memtype;
void *priv;
* struct hyperbus_ops - struct representing custom HyperBus operations
* @read16: read 16 bit of data from flash in a single burst. Used to read
* from non default address space, such as ID/CFI space
* @write16: write 16 bit of data to flash in a single burst. Used to
* send cmd to flash or write single 16 bit word at a time.
* @copy_from: copy data from flash memory
* @copy_to: copy data to flash memory
* @calibrate: calibrate HyperBus controller
struct hyperbus_ops {
u16 (*read16)(struct hyperbus_device *hbdev, unsigned long addr);
void (*write16)(struct hyperbus_device *hbdev,
unsigned long addr, u16 val);
void (*copy_from)(struct hyperbus_device *hbdev, void *to,
unsigned long from, ssize_t len);
void (*copy_to)(struct hyperbus_device *dev, unsigned long to,
const void *from, ssize_t len);
int (*calibrate)(struct hyperbus_device *dev);
* struct hyperbus_ctlr - struct representing HyperBus controller
* @dev: pointer to HyperBus controller device
* @calibrated: flag to indicate ctlr calibration sequence is complete
* @ops: HyperBus controller ops
struct hyperbus_ctlr {
struct device *dev;
bool calibrated;
const struct hyperbus_ops *ops;
* hyperbus_register_device - probe and register a HyperBus slave memory device
* @hbdev: hyperbus_device struct with dev, np and ctlr field populated
* Return: 0 for success, others for failure.
int hyperbus_register_device(struct hyperbus_device *hbdev);
* hyperbus_unregister_device - deregister HyperBus slave memory device
* @hbdev: hyperbus_device to be unregistered
* Return: 0 for success, others for failure.
int hyperbus_unregister_device(struct hyperbus_device *hbdev);
#endif /* __LINUX_MTD_HYPERBUS_H__ */