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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only */
* OMAP2xxx Clock Management (CM) register definitions
* Copyright (C) 2007-2009, 2012 Texas Instruments, Inc.
* Copyright (C) 2007-2010 Nokia Corporation
* Paul Walmsley
* The CM hardware modules on the OMAP2/3 are quite similar to each
* other. The CM modules/instances on OMAP4 are quite different, so
* they are handled in a separate file.
#include "prcm-common.h"
#include "cm2xxx_3xxx.h"
#define OMAP2420_CM_REGADDR(module, reg) \
OMAP2_L4_IO_ADDRESS(OMAP2420_CM_BASE + (module) + (reg))
#define OMAP2430_CM_REGADDR(module, reg) \
OMAP2_L4_IO_ADDRESS(OMAP2430_CM_BASE + (module) + (reg))
* Module specific CM register offsets from CM_BASE + domain offset
* Use cm_{read,write}_mod_reg() with these registers.
* These register offsets generally appear in more than one PRCM submodule.
/* OMAP2-specific register offsets */
#define OMAP24XX_CM_FCLKEN2 0x0004
#define OMAP24XX_CM_ICLKEN4 0x001c
#define OMAP24XX_CM_AUTOIDLE4 0x003c
#define OMAP24XX_CM_IDLEST4 0x002c
/* CM_IDLEST bit field values to indicate deasserted IdleReq */
/* Clock management domain register get/set */
#ifndef __ASSEMBLER__
extern void omap2xxx_cm_set_dpll_disable_autoidle(void);
extern void omap2xxx_cm_set_dpll_auto_low_power_stop(void);
extern void omap2xxx_cm_set_apll54_disable_autoidle(void);
extern void omap2xxx_cm_set_apll54_auto_low_power_stop(void);
extern void omap2xxx_cm_set_apll96_disable_autoidle(void);
extern void omap2xxx_cm_set_apll96_auto_low_power_stop(void);
int omap2xxx_cm_wait_module_ready(u8 part, s16 prcm_mod, u16 idlest_id,
u8 idlest_shift);
extern int omap2xxx_cm_fclks_active(void);
extern int omap2xxx_cm_mpu_retention_allowed(void);
extern u32 omap2xxx_cm_get_core_clk_src(void);
extern u32 omap2xxx_cm_get_core_pll_config(void);
extern void omap2xxx_cm_set_mod_dividers(u32 mpu, u32 dsp, u32 gfx, u32 core,
u32 mdm);
int __init omap2xxx_cm_init(const struct omap_prcm_init_data *data);