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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only */
* OMAP3/4 Voltage Controller (VC) structure and macro definitions
* Copyright (C) 2007, 2010 Texas Instruments, Inc.
* Rajendra Nayak <>
* Lesly A M <>
* Thara Gopinath <>
* Copyright (C) 2008, 2011 Nokia Corporation
* Kalle Jokiniemi
* Paul Walmsley
#include <linux/kernel.h>
struct voltagedomain;
* struct omap_vc_common - per-VC register/bitfield data
* @cmd_on_mask: ON bitmask in PRM_VC_CMD_VAL* register
* @valid: VALID bitmask in PRM_VC_BYPASS_VAL register
* @bypass_val_reg: Offset of PRM_VC_BYPASS_VAL reg from PRM start
* @data_shift: DATA field shift in PRM_VC_BYPASS_VAL register
* @slaveaddr_shift: SLAVEADDR field shift in PRM_VC_BYPASS_VAL register
* @regaddr_shift: REGADDR field shift in PRM_VC_BYPASS_VAL register
* @cmd_on_shift: ON field shift in PRM_VC_CMD_VAL_* register
* @cmd_onlp_shift: ONLP field shift in PRM_VC_CMD_VAL_* register
* @cmd_ret_shift: RET field shift in PRM_VC_CMD_VAL_* register
* @cmd_off_shift: OFF field shift in PRM_VC_CMD_VAL_* register
* @i2c_cfg_reg: I2C configuration register offset
* @i2c_cfg_clear_mask: high-speed mode bit clear mask in I2C config register
* @i2c_cfg_hsen_mask: high-speed mode bit field mask in I2C config register
* @i2c_mcode_mask: MCODE field mask for I2C config register
* XXX One of cmd_on_mask and cmd_on_shift are not needed
* XXX VALID should probably be a shift, not a mask
struct omap_vc_common {
u32 cmd_on_mask;
u32 valid;
u8 bypass_val_reg;
u8 data_shift;
u8 slaveaddr_shift;
u8 regaddr_shift;
u8 cmd_on_shift;
u8 cmd_onlp_shift;
u8 cmd_ret_shift;
u8 cmd_off_shift;
u8 i2c_cfg_reg;
u8 i2c_cfg_clear_mask;
u8 i2c_cfg_hsen_mask;
u8 i2c_mcode_mask;
/* omap_vc_channel.flags values */
* struct omap_vc_channel - VC per-instance data
* @i2c_slave_addr: I2C slave address of PMIC for this VC channel
* @volt_reg_addr: voltage configuration register address
* @cmd_reg_addr: command configuration register address
* @setup_time: setup time (in sys_clk cycles) of regulator for this channel
* @cfg_channel: current value of VC channel configuration register
* @i2c_high_speed: whether or not to use I2C high-speed mode
* @common: pointer to VC common data for this platform
* @smps_sa_mask: i2c slave address bitmask in the PRM_VC_SMPS_SA register
* @smps_volra_mask: VOLRA* bitmask in the PRM_VC_VOL_RA register
* @smps_cmdra_mask: CMDRA* bitmask in the PRM_VC_CMD_RA register
* @cmdval_reg: register for on/ret/off voltage level values for this channel
* @smps_sa_reg: Offset of PRM_VC_SMPS_SA reg from PRM start
* @smps_volra_reg: Offset of PRM_VC_SMPS_VOL_RA reg from PRM start
* @smps_cmdra_reg: Offset of PRM_VC_SMPS_CMD_RA reg from PRM start
* @cfg_channel_reg: VC channel configuration register
* @cfg_channel_sa_shift: bit shift for slave address cfg_channel register
* @flags: VC channel-specific flags (optional)
struct omap_vc_channel {
/* channel state */
u16 i2c_slave_addr;
u16 volt_reg_addr;
u16 cmd_reg_addr;
u8 cfg_channel;
bool i2c_high_speed;
/* register access data */
const struct omap_vc_common *common;
u32 smps_sa_mask;
u32 smps_volra_mask;
u32 smps_cmdra_mask;
u8 cmdval_reg;
u8 smps_sa_reg;
u8 smps_volra_reg;
u8 smps_cmdra_reg;
u8 cfg_channel_reg;
u8 cfg_channel_sa_shift;
u8 flags;
extern struct omap_vc_channel omap3_vc_mpu;
extern struct omap_vc_channel omap3_vc_core;
extern struct omap_vc_channel omap4_vc_mpu;
extern struct omap_vc_channel omap4_vc_iva;
extern struct omap_vc_channel omap4_vc_core;
extern struct omap_vc_param omap3_mpu_vc_data;
extern struct omap_vc_param omap3_core_vc_data;
extern struct omap_vc_param omap4_mpu_vc_data;
extern struct omap_vc_param omap4_iva_vc_data;
extern struct omap_vc_param omap4_core_vc_data;
void omap3_vc_set_pmic_signaling(int core_next_state);
void omap4_vc_set_pmic_signaling(int core_next_state);
void omap_vc_init_channel(struct voltagedomain *voltdm);
int omap_vc_pre_scale(struct voltagedomain *voltdm,
unsigned long target_volt,
u8 *target_vsel, u8 *current_vsel);
void omap_vc_post_scale(struct voltagedomain *voltdm,
unsigned long target_volt,
u8 target_vsel, u8 current_vsel);
int omap_vc_bypass_scale(struct voltagedomain *voltdm,
unsigned long target_volt);