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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-or-later */
* This file contains miscellaneous low-level functions.
* Copyright (C) 1995-1996 Gary Thomas (
* Largely rewritten by Cort Dougan (
* and Paul Mackerras.
* PPC64 updates by Dave Engebretsen (
* setjmp/longjmp code by Paul Mackerras.
#include <asm/ppc_asm.h>
#include <asm/unistd.h>
#include <asm/asm-compat.h>
#include <asm/asm-offsets.h>
#include <asm/export.h>
* Returns (address we are running at) - (address we were linked at)
* for use before the text and data are mapped to KERNELBASE.
* add_reloc_offset(x) returns x + reloc_offset().
li r3, 0
mflr r0
bcl 20,31,$+4
1: mflr r5
PPC_LL r4,(2f-1b)(r5)
subf r5,r4,r5
add r3,r3,r5
mtlr r0
.align 3
2: PPC_LONG 1b
mflr r0
PPC_STL r0,0(r3)
PPC_STL r1,SZL(r3)
PPC_STL r2,2*SZL(r3)
#ifdef CONFIG_PPC32
mfcr r12
stmw r12, 3*SZL(r3)
mfcr r0
PPC_STL r0,3*SZL(r3)
PPC_STL r13,4*SZL(r3)
PPC_STL r14,5*SZL(r3)
PPC_STL r15,6*SZL(r3)
PPC_STL r16,7*SZL(r3)
PPC_STL r17,8*SZL(r3)
PPC_STL r18,9*SZL(r3)
PPC_STL r19,10*SZL(r3)
PPC_STL r20,11*SZL(r3)
PPC_STL r21,12*SZL(r3)
PPC_STL r22,13*SZL(r3)
PPC_STL r23,14*SZL(r3)
PPC_STL r24,15*SZL(r3)
PPC_STL r25,16*SZL(r3)
PPC_STL r26,17*SZL(r3)
PPC_STL r27,18*SZL(r3)
PPC_STL r28,19*SZL(r3)
PPC_STL r29,20*SZL(r3)
PPC_STL r30,21*SZL(r3)
PPC_STL r31,22*SZL(r3)
li r3,0
#ifdef CONFIG_PPC32
lmw r12, 3*SZL(r3)
mtcrf 0x38, r12
PPC_LL r13,4*SZL(r3)
PPC_LL r14,5*SZL(r3)
PPC_LL r15,6*SZL(r3)
PPC_LL r16,7*SZL(r3)
PPC_LL r17,8*SZL(r3)
PPC_LL r18,9*SZL(r3)
PPC_LL r19,10*SZL(r3)
PPC_LL r20,11*SZL(r3)
PPC_LL r21,12*SZL(r3)
PPC_LL r22,13*SZL(r3)
PPC_LL r23,14*SZL(r3)
PPC_LL r24,15*SZL(r3)
PPC_LL r25,16*SZL(r3)
PPC_LL r26,17*SZL(r3)
PPC_LL r27,18*SZL(r3)
PPC_LL r28,19*SZL(r3)
PPC_LL r29,20*SZL(r3)
PPC_LL r30,21*SZL(r3)
PPC_LL r31,22*SZL(r3)
PPC_LL r0,3*SZL(r3)
mtcrf 0x38,r0
PPC_LL r0,0(r3)
PPC_LL r1,SZL(r3)
PPC_LL r2,2*SZL(r3)
mtlr r0
mr. r3, r4
li r3, 1
PPC_LL r3,0(r1)