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// SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0
#include <test_progs.h>
#include <network_helpers.h>
#include <net/if.h>
#include "test_xdp.skel.h"
#include "test_xdp_bpf2bpf.skel.h"
struct meta {
int ifindex;
int pkt_len;
static void on_sample(void *ctx, int cpu, void *data, __u32 size)
int duration = 0;
struct meta *meta = (struct meta *)data;
struct ipv4_packet *trace_pkt_v4 = data + sizeof(*meta);
if (CHECK(size < sizeof(pkt_v4) + sizeof(*meta),
"check_size", "size %u < %zu\n",
size, sizeof(pkt_v4) + sizeof(*meta)))
if (CHECK(meta->ifindex != if_nametoindex("lo"), "check_meta_ifindex",
"meta->ifindex = %d\n", meta->ifindex))
if (CHECK(meta->pkt_len != sizeof(pkt_v4), "check_meta_pkt_len",
"meta->pkt_len = %zd\n", sizeof(pkt_v4)))
if (CHECK(memcmp(trace_pkt_v4, &pkt_v4, sizeof(pkt_v4)),
"check_packet_content", "content not the same\n"))
*(bool *)ctx = true;
void test_xdp_bpf2bpf(void)
__u32 duration = 0, retval, size;
char buf[128];
int err, pkt_fd, map_fd;
bool passed = false;
struct iphdr *iph = (void *)buf + sizeof(struct ethhdr);
struct iptnl_info value4 = {.family = AF_INET};
struct test_xdp *pkt_skel = NULL;
struct test_xdp_bpf2bpf *ftrace_skel = NULL;
struct vip key4 = {.protocol = 6, .family = AF_INET};
struct bpf_program *prog;
struct perf_buffer *pb = NULL;
struct perf_buffer_opts pb_opts = {};
/* Load XDP program to introspect */
pkt_skel = test_xdp__open_and_load();
if (CHECK(!pkt_skel, "pkt_skel_load", "test_xdp skeleton failed\n"))
pkt_fd = bpf_program__fd(pkt_skel->progs._xdp_tx_iptunnel);
map_fd = bpf_map__fd(pkt_skel->maps.vip2tnl);
bpf_map_update_elem(map_fd, &key4, &value4, 0);
/* Load trace program */
ftrace_skel = test_xdp_bpf2bpf__open();
if (CHECK(!ftrace_skel, "__open", "ftrace skeleton failed\n"))
goto out;
/* Demonstrate the bpf_program__set_attach_target() API rather than
* the load with options, i.e. opts.attach_prog_fd.
prog = ftrace_skel->progs.trace_on_entry;
bpf_program__set_expected_attach_type(prog, BPF_TRACE_FENTRY);
bpf_program__set_attach_target(prog, pkt_fd, "_xdp_tx_iptunnel");
prog = ftrace_skel->progs.trace_on_exit;
bpf_program__set_expected_attach_type(prog, BPF_TRACE_FEXIT);
bpf_program__set_attach_target(prog, pkt_fd, "_xdp_tx_iptunnel");
err = test_xdp_bpf2bpf__load(ftrace_skel);
if (CHECK(err, "__load", "ftrace skeleton failed\n"))
goto out;
err = test_xdp_bpf2bpf__attach(ftrace_skel);
if (CHECK(err, "ftrace_attach", "ftrace attach failed: %d\n", err))
goto out;
/* Set up perf buffer */
pb_opts.sample_cb = on_sample;
pb_opts.ctx = &passed;
pb = perf_buffer__new(bpf_map__fd(ftrace_skel->maps.perf_buf_map),
1, &pb_opts);
if (!ASSERT_OK_PTR(pb, "perf_buf__new"))
goto out;
/* Run test program */
err = bpf_prog_test_run(pkt_fd, 1, &pkt_v4, sizeof(pkt_v4),
buf, &size, &retval, &duration);
if (CHECK(err || retval != XDP_TX || size != 74 ||
iph->protocol != IPPROTO_IPIP, "ipv4",
"err %d errno %d retval %d size %d\n",
err, errno, retval, size))
goto out;
/* Make sure bpf_xdp_output() was triggered and it sent the expected
* data to the perf ring buffer.
err = perf_buffer__poll(pb, 100);
if (CHECK(err < 0, "perf_buffer__poll", "err %d\n", err))
goto out;
/* Verify test results */
if (CHECK(ftrace_skel->bss->test_result_fentry != if_nametoindex("lo"),
"result", "fentry failed err %llu\n",
goto out;
CHECK(ftrace_skel->bss->test_result_fexit != XDP_TX, "result",
"fexit failed err %llu\n", ftrace_skel->bss->test_result_fexit);
if (pb)