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// SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0+
* Copyright (C) 2018 Oracle. All Rights Reserved.
* Author: Darrick J. Wong <>
#ifndef __XFS_SCRUB_REPAIR_H__
#define __XFS_SCRUB_REPAIR_H__
#include "xfs_quota_defs.h"
static inline int xrep_notsupported(struct xfs_scrub *sc)
/* Repair helpers */
int xrep_attempt(struct xfs_scrub *sc);
void xrep_failure(struct xfs_mount *mp);
int xrep_roll_ag_trans(struct xfs_scrub *sc);
bool xrep_ag_has_space(struct xfs_perag *pag, xfs_extlen_t nr_blocks,
enum xfs_ag_resv_type type);
xfs_extlen_t xrep_calc_ag_resblks(struct xfs_scrub *sc);
int xrep_alloc_ag_block(struct xfs_scrub *sc,
const struct xfs_owner_info *oinfo, xfs_fsblock_t *fsbno,
enum xfs_ag_resv_type resv);
int xrep_init_btblock(struct xfs_scrub *sc, xfs_fsblock_t fsb,
struct xfs_buf **bpp, xfs_btnum_t btnum,
const struct xfs_buf_ops *ops);
struct xbitmap;
int xrep_fix_freelist(struct xfs_scrub *sc, bool can_shrink);
int xrep_invalidate_blocks(struct xfs_scrub *sc, struct xbitmap *btlist);
int xrep_reap_extents(struct xfs_scrub *sc, struct xbitmap *exlist,
const struct xfs_owner_info *oinfo, enum xfs_ag_resv_type type);
struct xrep_find_ag_btree {
/* in: rmap owner of the btree we're looking for */
uint64_t rmap_owner;
/* in: buffer ops */
const struct xfs_buf_ops *buf_ops;
/* in: maximum btree height */
unsigned int maxlevels;
/* out: the highest btree block found and the tree height */
xfs_agblock_t root;
unsigned int height;
int xrep_find_ag_btree_roots(struct xfs_scrub *sc, struct xfs_buf *agf_bp,
struct xrep_find_ag_btree *btree_info, struct xfs_buf *agfl_bp);
void xrep_force_quotacheck(struct xfs_scrub *sc, xfs_dqtype_t type);
int xrep_ino_dqattach(struct xfs_scrub *sc);
/* Metadata repairers */
int xrep_probe(struct xfs_scrub *sc);
int xrep_superblock(struct xfs_scrub *sc);
int xrep_agf(struct xfs_scrub *sc);
int xrep_agfl(struct xfs_scrub *sc);
int xrep_agi(struct xfs_scrub *sc);
static inline int
struct xfs_scrub *sc)
static inline void xrep_failure(struct xfs_mount *mp) {}
static inline xfs_extlen_t
struct xfs_scrub *sc)
return 0;
#define xrep_probe xrep_notsupported
#define xrep_superblock xrep_notsupported
#define xrep_agf xrep_notsupported
#define xrep_agfl xrep_notsupported
#define xrep_agi xrep_notsupported
#endif /* __XFS_SCRUB_REPAIR_H__ */