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.. SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0
Devlink Params
``devlink`` provides capability for a driver to expose device parameters for low
level device functionality. Since devlink can operate at the device-wide
level, it can be used to provide configuration that may affect multiple
ports on a single device.
This document describes a number of generic parameters that are supported
across multiple drivers. Each driver is also free to add their own
parameters. Each driver must document the specific parameters they support,
whether generic or not.
Configuration modes
Parameters may be set in different configuration modes.
.. list-table:: Possible configuration modes
:widths: 5 90
* - Name
- Description
* - ``runtime``
- set while the driver is running, and takes effect immediately. No
reset is required.
* - ``driverinit``
- applied while the driver initializes. Requires the user to restart
the driver using the ``devlink`` reload command.
* - ``permanent``
- written to the device's non-volatile memory. A hard reset is required
for it to take effect.
In order for ``driverinit`` parameters to take effect, the driver must
support reloading via the ``devlink-reload`` command. This command will
request a reload of the device driver.
.. _devlink_params_generic:
Generic configuration parameters
The following is a list of generic configuration parameters that drivers may
add. Use of generic parameters is preferred over each driver creating their
own name.
.. list-table:: List of generic parameters
:widths: 5 5 90
* - Name
- Type
- Description
* - ``enable_sriov``
- Boolean
- Enable Single Root I/O Virtualization (SRIOV) in the device.
* - ``ignore_ari``
- Boolean
- Ignore Alternative Routing-ID Interpretation (ARI) capability. If
enabled, the adapter will ignore ARI capability even when the
platform has support enabled. The device will create the same number
of partitions as when the platform does not support ARI.
* - ``msix_vec_per_pf_max``
- u32
- Provides the maximum number of MSI-X interrupts that a device can
create. Value is the same across all physical functions (PFs) in the
* - ``msix_vec_per_pf_min``
- u32
- Provides the minimum number of MSI-X interrupts required for the
device to initialize. Value is the same across all physical functions
(PFs) in the device.
* - ``fw_load_policy``
- u8
- Control the device's firmware loading policy.
Load firmware version preferred by the driver.
Load firmware currently stored in flash.
Load firmware currently available on host's disk.
* - ``reset_dev_on_drv_probe``
- u8
- Controls the device's reset policy on driver probe.
Unknown or invalid value.
Always reset device on driver probe.
Never reset device on driver probe.
Reset the device only if firmware can be found in the filesystem.
* - ``enable_roce``
- Boolean
- Enable handling of RoCE traffic in the device.
* - ``internal_err_reset``
- Boolean
- When enabled, the device driver will reset the device on internal
* - ``max_macs``
- u32
- Specifies the maximum number of MAC addresses per ethernet port of
this device.
* - ``region_snapshot_enable``
- Boolean
- Enable capture of ``devlink-region`` snapshots.
* - ``enable_remote_dev_reset``
- Boolean
- Enable device reset by remote host. When cleared, the device driver
will NACK any attempt of other host to reset the device. This parameter
is useful for setups where a device is shared by different hosts, such
as multi-host setup.