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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
* Analog Devices Generic AXI ADC IP core driver/library
* Link:
* Copyright 2012-2020 Analog Devices Inc.
#ifndef __ADI_AXI_ADC_H__
#define __ADI_AXI_ADC_H__
struct device;
struct iio_chan_spec;
* struct adi_axi_adc_chip_info - Chip specific information
* @name Chip name
* @id Chip ID (usually product ID)
* @channels Channel specifications of type @struct axi_adc_chan_spec
* @num_channels Number of @channels
* @scale_table Supported scales by the chip; tuples of 2 ints
* @num_scales Number of scales in the table
* @max_rate Maximum sampling rate supported by the device
struct adi_axi_adc_chip_info {
const char *name;
unsigned int id;
const struct iio_chan_spec *channels;
unsigned int num_channels;
const unsigned int (*scale_table)[2];
int num_scales;
unsigned long max_rate;
* struct adi_axi_adc_conv - data of the ADC attached to the AXI ADC
* @chip_info chip info details for the client ADC
* @preenable_setup op to run in the client before enabling the AXI ADC
* @reg_access IIO debugfs_reg_access hook for the client ADC
* @read_raw IIO read_raw hook for the client ADC
* @write_raw IIO write_raw hook for the client ADC
struct adi_axi_adc_conv {
const struct adi_axi_adc_chip_info *chip_info;
int (*preenable_setup)(struct adi_axi_adc_conv *conv);
int (*reg_access)(struct adi_axi_adc_conv *conv, unsigned int reg,
unsigned int writeval, unsigned int *readval);
int (*read_raw)(struct adi_axi_adc_conv *conv,
struct iio_chan_spec const *chan,
int *val, int *val2, long mask);
int (*write_raw)(struct adi_axi_adc_conv *conv,
struct iio_chan_spec const *chan,
int val, int val2, long mask);
struct adi_axi_adc_conv *devm_adi_axi_adc_conv_register(struct device *dev,
size_t sizeof_priv);
void *adi_axi_adc_conv_priv(struct adi_axi_adc_conv *conv);