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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
* Board-specific data used to set up AT73c213 audio DAC driver.
#ifndef __LINUX_SPI_AT73C213_H
#define __LINUX_SPI_AT73C213_H
* at73c213_board_info - how the external DAC is wired to the device.
* @ssc_id: SSC platform_driver id the DAC shall use to stream the audio.
* @dac_clk: the external clock used to provide master clock to the DAC.
* @shortname: a short discription for the DAC, seen by userspace tools.
* This struct contains the configuration of the hardware connection to the
* external DAC. The DAC needs a master clock and a I2S audio stream. It also
* provides a name which is used to identify it in userspace tools.
struct at73c213_board_info {
int ssc_id;
struct clk *dac_clk;
char shortname[32];
#endif /* __LINUX_SPI_AT73C213_H */