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.. SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0
AACRAID Driver for Linux (take two)
The aacraid driver adds support for Adaptec (
RAID controllers. This is a major rewrite from the original
Adaptec supplied driver. It has significantly cleaned up both the code
and the running binary size (the module is less than half the size of
the original).
Supported Cards/Chipsets
=================== ======= =======================================
PCI ID (pci.ids) OEM Product
=================== ======= =======================================
9005:0285:9005:0285 Adaptec 2200S (Vulcan)
9005:0285:9005:0286 Adaptec 2120S (Crusader)
9005:0285:9005:0287 Adaptec 2200S (Vulcan-2m)
9005:0285:9005:0288 Adaptec 3230S (Harrier)
9005:0285:9005:0289 Adaptec 3240S (Tornado)
9005:0285:9005:028a Adaptec 2020ZCR (Skyhawk)
9005:0285:9005:028b Adaptec 2025ZCR (Terminator)
9005:0286:9005:028c Adaptec 2230S (Lancer)
9005:0286:9005:028c Adaptec 2230SLP (Lancer)
9005:0286:9005:028d Adaptec 2130S (Lancer)
9005:0285:9005:028e Adaptec 2020SA (Skyhawk)
9005:0285:9005:028f Adaptec 2025SA (Terminator)
9005:0285:9005:0290 Adaptec 2410SA (Jaguar)
9005:0285:103c:3227 Adaptec 2610SA (Bearcat HP release)
9005:0285:9005:0293 Adaptec 21610SA (Corsair-16)
9005:0285:9005:0296 Adaptec 2240S (SabreExpress)
9005:0285:9005:0292 Adaptec 2810SA (Corsair-8)
9005:0285:9005:0297 Adaptec 4005 (AvonPark)
9005:0285:9005:0298 Adaptec 4000 (BlackBird)
9005:0285:9005:0299 Adaptec 4800SAS (Marauder-X)
9005:0285:9005:029a Adaptec 4805SAS (Marauder-E)
9005:0286:9005:029b Adaptec 2820SA (Intruder)
9005:0286:9005:029c Adaptec 2620SA (Intruder)
9005:0286:9005:029d Adaptec 2420SA (Intruder HP release)
9005:0286:9005:02ac Adaptec 1800 (Typhoon44)
9005:0285:9005:02b5 Adaptec 5445 (Voodoo44)
9005:0285:15d9:02b5 SMC AOC-USAS-S4i
9005:0285:9005:02b6 Adaptec 5805 (Voodoo80)
9005:0285:15d9:02b6 SMC AOC-USAS-S8i
9005:0285:9005:02b7 Adaptec 5085 (Voodoo08)
9005:0285:9005:02bb Adaptec 3405 (Marauder40LP)
9005:0285:9005:02bc Adaptec 3805 (Marauder80LP)
9005:0285:9005:02c7 Adaptec 3085 (Marauder08ELP)
9005:0285:9005:02bd Adaptec 31205 (Marauder120)
9005:0285:9005:02be Adaptec 31605 (Marauder160)
9005:0285:9005:02c3 Adaptec 51205 (Voodoo120)
9005:0285:9005:02c4 Adaptec 51605 (Voodoo160)
9005:0285:15d9:02c9 SMC AOC-USAS-S4iR
9005:0285:15d9:02ca SMC AOC-USAS-S8iR
9005:0285:9005:02ce Adaptec 51245 (Voodoo124)
9005:0285:9005:02cf Adaptec 51645 (Voodoo164)
9005:0285:9005:02d0 Adaptec 52445 (Voodoo244)
9005:0285:9005:02d1 Adaptec 5405 (Voodoo40)
9005:0285:15d9:02d2 SMC AOC-USAS-S8i-LP
9005:0285:15d9:02d3 SMC AOC-USAS-S8iR-LP
9005:0285:9005:02d4 Adaptec ASR-2045 (Voodoo04 Lite)
9005:0285:9005:02d5 Adaptec ASR-2405 (Voodoo40 Lite)
9005:0285:9005:02d6 Adaptec ASR-2445 (Voodoo44 Lite)
9005:0285:9005:02d7 Adaptec ASR-2805 (Voodoo80 Lite)
9005:0285:9005:02d8 Adaptec 5405Z (Voodoo40 BLBU)
9005:0285:9005:02d9 Adaptec 5445Z (Voodoo44 BLBU)
9005:0285:9005:02da Adaptec 5805Z (Voodoo80 BLBU)
1011:0046:9005:0364 Adaptec 5400S (Mustang)
1011:0046:9005:0365 Adaptec 5400S (Mustang)
9005:0287:9005:0800 Adaptec Themisto (Jupiter)
9005:0200:9005:0200 Adaptec Themisto (Jupiter)
9005:0286:9005:0800 Adaptec Callisto (Jupiter)
1011:0046:9005:1364 Dell PERC 2/QC (Quad Channel, Mustang)
1011:0046:9005:1365 Dell PERC 2/QC (Quad Channel, Mustang)
1028:0001:1028:0001 Dell PERC 2/Si (Iguana)
1028:0003:1028:0003 Dell PERC 3/Si (SlimFast)
1028:0002:1028:0002 Dell PERC 3/Di (Opal)
1028:0004:1028:0004 Dell PERC 3/SiF (Iguana)
1028:0004:1028:00d0 Dell PERC 3/DiF (Iguana)
1028:0002:1028:00d1 Dell PERC 3/DiV (Viper)
1028:0002:1028:00d9 Dell PERC 3/DiL (Lexus)
1028:000a:1028:0106 Dell PERC 3/DiJ (Jaguar)
1028:000a:1028:011b Dell PERC 3/DiD (Dagger)
1028:000a:1028:0121 Dell PERC 3/DiB (Boxster)
9005:0285:1028:0287 Dell PERC 320/DC (Vulcan)
9005:0285:1028:0291 Dell CERC 2 (DellCorsair)
1011:0046:103c:10c2 HP NetRAID-4M (Mustang)
9005:0285:17aa:0286 Legend S220 (Crusader)
9005:0285:17aa:0287 Legend S230 (Vulcan)
9005:0285:9005:0290 IBM ServeRAID 7t (Jaguar)
9005:0285:1014:02F2 IBM ServeRAID 8i (AvonPark)
9005:0286:1014:9540 IBM ServeRAID 8k/8k-l4 (AuroraLite)
9005:0286:1014:9580 IBM ServeRAID 8k/8k-l8 (Aurora)
9005:0285:1014:034d IBM ServeRAID 8s (Marauder-E)
9005:0286:9005:029e ICP ICP9024RO (Lancer)
9005:0286:9005:029f ICP ICP9014RO (Lancer)
9005:0286:9005:02a0 ICP ICP9047MA (Lancer)
9005:0286:9005:02a1 ICP ICP9087MA (Lancer)
9005:0285:9005:02a4 ICP ICP9085LI (Marauder-X)
9005:0285:9005:02a5 ICP ICP5085BR (Marauder-E)
9005:0286:9005:02a6 ICP ICP9067MA (Intruder-6)
9005:0285:9005:02b2 ICP (Voodoo 8 internal 8 external)
9005:0285:9005:02b8 ICP ICP5445SL (Voodoo44)
9005:0285:9005:02b9 ICP ICP5085SL (Voodoo80)
9005:0285:9005:02ba ICP ICP5805SL (Voodoo08)
9005:0285:9005:02bf ICP ICP5045BL (Marauder40LP)
9005:0285:9005:02c0 ICP ICP5085BL (Marauder80LP)
9005:0285:9005:02c8 ICP ICP5805BL (Marauder08ELP)
9005:0285:9005:02c1 ICP ICP5125BR (Marauder120)
9005:0285:9005:02c2 ICP ICP5165BR (Marauder160)
9005:0285:9005:02c5 ICP ICP5125SL (Voodoo120)
9005:0285:9005:02c6 ICP ICP5165SL (Voodoo160)
9005:0286:9005:02ab (Typhoon40)
9005:0286:9005:02ad (Aurora ARK)
9005:0286:9005:02ae (Aurora Lite ARK)
9005:0285:9005:02b0 (Sunrise Lake ARK)
9005:0285:9005:02b1 Adaptec (Voodoo 8 internal 8 external)
9005:0285:108e:7aac SUN STK RAID REM (Voodoo44 Coyote)
9005:0285:108e:0286 SUN STK RAID INT (Cougar)
9005:0285:108e:0287 SUN STK RAID EXT (Prometheus)
9005:0285:108e:7aae SUN STK RAID EM (Narvi)
=================== ======= =======================================
Alan Cox <>
Christoph Hellwig <>
- updates for new-style PCI probing and SCSI host registration,
small cleanups/fixes
Matt Domsch <>
- revision ioctl, adapter messages
Deanna Bonds
- non-DASD support, PAE fibs and 64 bit, added new adaptec controllers
added new ioctls, changed scsi interface to use new error handler,
increased the number of fibs and outstanding commands to a container
- fixed 64bit and 64G memory model, changed confusing naming convention
where fibs that go to the hardware are consistently called hw_fibs and
not just fibs like the name of the driver tracking structure
Mark Salyzyn <>
- Fixed panic issues and added some new product ids for upcoming hbas.
- Performance tuning, card failover and bug mitigations.
Achim Leubner <>
- Original Driver
Adaptec Unix OEM Product Group
Mailing List
============ (Interested parties troll here)
Also note this is very different to Brian's original driver
so don't expect him to support it.
Adaptec does support this driver. Contact Adaptec tech support or
Original by Brian Boerner February 2001
Rewritten by Alan Cox, November 2001