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#!/usr/bin/env python3
# SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0
# Copyright Thomas Gleixner <>
from argparse import ArgumentParser
from ply import lex, yacc
import locale
import traceback
import fnmatch
import sys
import git
import re
import os
class ParserException(Exception):
def __init__(self, tok, txt):
self.tok = tok
self.txt = txt
class SPDXException(Exception):
def __init__(self, el, txt):
self.el = el
self.txt = txt
class SPDXdata(object):
def __init__(self):
self.license_files = 0
self.exception_files = 0
self.licenses = [ ]
self.exceptions = { }
class dirinfo(object):
def __init__(self):
self.missing = 0 = 0
self.files = []
def update(self, fname, basedir, miss): += 1
self.missing += miss
if miss:
fname = './' + fname
bdir = os.path.dirname(fname)
if bdir == basedir.rstrip('/'):
# Read the spdx data from the LICENSES directory
def read_spdxdata(repo):
# The subdirectories of LICENSES in the kernel source
# Note: exceptions needs to be parsed as last directory.
license_dirs = [ "preferred", "dual", "deprecated", "exceptions" ]
lictree = repo.head.commit.tree['LICENSES']
spdx = SPDXdata()
for d in license_dirs:
for el in lictree[d].traverse():
if not os.path.isfile(el.path):
exception = None
for l in open(el.path, encoding="utf-8").readlines():
if l.startswith('Valid-License-Identifier:'):
lid = l.split(':')[1].strip().upper()
if lid in spdx.licenses:
raise SPDXException(el, 'Duplicate License Identifier: %s' %lid)
elif l.startswith('SPDX-Exception-Identifier:'):
exception = l.split(':')[1].strip().upper()
spdx.exceptions[exception] = []
elif l.startswith('SPDX-Licenses:'):
for lic in l.split(':')[1].upper().strip().replace(' ', '').replace('\t', '').split(','):
if not lic in spdx.licenses:
raise SPDXException(None, 'Exception %s missing license %s' %(exception, lic))
elif l.startswith("License-Text:"):
if exception:
if not len(spdx.exceptions[exception]):
raise SPDXException(el, 'Exception %s is missing SPDX-Licenses' %exception)
spdx.exception_files += 1
spdx.license_files += 1
return spdx
class id_parser(object):
reserved = [ 'AND', 'OR', 'WITH' ]
tokens = [ 'LPAR', 'RPAR', 'ID', 'EXC' ] + reserved
precedence = ( ('nonassoc', 'AND', 'OR'), )
t_ignore = ' \t'
def __init__(self, spdx):
self.spdx = spdx
self.lasttok = None
self.lastid = None
self.lexer = lex.lex(module = self, reflags = re.UNICODE)
# Initialize the parser. No debug file and no parser rules stored on disk
# The rules are small enough to be generated on the fly
self.parser = yacc.yacc(module = self, write_tables = False, debug = False)
self.lines_checked = 0
self.checked = 0
self.excluded = 0
self.spdx_valid = 0
self.spdx_errors = 0
self.spdx_dirs = {}
self.dirdepth = -1
self.basedir = '.'
self.curline = 0
self.deepest = 0
def set_dirinfo(self, basedir, dirdepth):
if dirdepth >= 0:
self.basedir = basedir
bdir = basedir.lstrip('./').rstrip('/')
if bdir != '':
parts = bdir.split('/')
parts = []
self.dirdepth = dirdepth + len(parts)
# Validate License and Exception IDs
def validate(self, tok):
id = tok.value.upper()
if tok.type == 'ID':
if not id in self.spdx.licenses:
raise ParserException(tok, 'Invalid License ID')
self.lastid = id
elif tok.type == 'EXC':
if id not in self.spdx.exceptions:
raise ParserException(tok, 'Invalid Exception ID')
if self.lastid not in self.spdx.exceptions[id]:
raise ParserException(tok, 'Exception not valid for license %s' %self.lastid)
self.lastid = None
elif tok.type != 'WITH':
self.lastid = None
# Lexer functions
def t_RPAR(self, tok):
self.lasttok = tok.type
return tok
def t_LPAR(self, tok):
self.lasttok = tok.type
return tok
def t_ID(self, tok):
if self.lasttok == 'EXC':
raise ParserException(tok, 'Missing parentheses')
tok.value = tok.value.strip()
val = tok.value.upper()
if val in self.reserved:
tok.type = val
elif self.lasttok == 'WITH':
tok.type = 'EXC'
self.lasttok = tok.type
return tok
def t_error(self, tok):
raise ParserException(tok, 'Invalid token')
def p_expr(self, p):
'''expr : ID
| expr AND expr
| expr OR expr
| LPAR expr RPAR'''
def p_error(self, p):
if not p:
raise ParserException(None, 'Unfinished license expression')
raise ParserException(p, 'Syntax error')
def parse(self, expr):
self.lasttok = None
self.lastid = None
self.parser.parse(expr, lexer = self.lexer)
def parse_lines(self, fd, maxlines, fname):
self.checked += 1
self.curline = 0
fail = 1
for line in fd:
line = line.decode(locale.getpreferredencoding(False), errors='ignore')
self.curline += 1
if self.curline > maxlines:
self.lines_checked += 1
if line.find("SPDX-License-Identifier:") < 0:
expr = line.split(':')[1].strip()
# Remove trailing comment closure
if line.strip().endswith('*/'):
expr = expr.rstrip('*/').strip()
# Remove trailing xml comment closure
if line.strip().endswith('-->'):
expr = expr.rstrip('-->').strip()
# Special case for SH magic boot code files
if line.startswith('LIST \"'):
expr = expr.rstrip('\"').strip()
self.spdx_valid += 1
# Should we check for more SPDX ids in the same file and
# complain if there are any?
fail = 0
except ParserException as pe:
if pe.tok:
col = line.find(expr) + pe.tok.lexpos
tok = pe.tok.value
sys.stdout.write('%s: %d:%d %s: %s\n' %(fname, self.curline, col, pe.txt, tok))
sys.stdout.write('%s: %d:0 %s\n' %(fname, self.curline, pe.txt))
self.spdx_errors += 1
if fname == '-':
base = os.path.dirname(fname)
if self.dirdepth > 0:
parts = base.split('/')
i = 0
base = '.'
while i < self.dirdepth and i < len(parts) and len(parts[i]):
base += '/' + parts[i]
i += 1
elif self.dirdepth == 0:
base = self.basedir
base = './' + base.rstrip('/')
base += '/'
di = self.spdx_dirs.get(base, dirinfo())
di.update(fname, base, fail)
self.spdx_dirs[base] = di
class pattern(object):
def __init__(self, line):
self.pattern = line
self.match = self.match_file
if line == '.*':
self.match = self.match_dot
elif line.endswith('/'):
self.pattern = line[:-1]
self.match = self.match_dir
elif line.startswith('/'):
self.pattern = line[1:]
self.match = self.match_fn
def match_dot(self, fpath):
return os.path.basename(fpath).startswith('.')
def match_file(self, fpath):
return os.path.basename(fpath) == self.pattern
def match_fn(self, fpath):
return fnmatch.fnmatchcase(fpath, self.pattern)
def match_dir(self, fpath):
if self.match_fn(os.path.dirname(fpath)):
return True
return fpath.startswith(self.pattern)
def exclude_file(fpath):
for rule in exclude_rules:
if rule.match(fpath):
return True
return False
def scan_git_tree(tree, basedir, dirdepth):
parser.set_dirinfo(basedir, dirdepth)
for el in tree.traverse():
if not os.path.isfile(el.path):
if exclude_file(el.path):
parser.excluded += 1
with open(el.path, 'rb') as fd:
parser.parse_lines(fd, args.maxlines, el.path)
def scan_git_subtree(tree, path, dirdepth):
for p in path.strip('/').split('/'):
tree = tree[p]
scan_git_tree(tree, path.strip('/'), dirdepth)
def read_exclude_file(fname):
rules = []
if not fname:
return rules
with open(fname) as fd:
for line in fd:
line = line.strip()
if line.startswith('#'):
if not len(line):
return rules
if __name__ == '__main__':
ap = ArgumentParser(description='SPDX expression checker')
ap.add_argument('path', nargs='*', help='Check path or file. If not given full git tree scan. For stdin use "-"')
ap.add_argument('-d', '--dirs', action='store_true',
help='Show [sub]directory statistics.')
ap.add_argument('-D', '--depth', type=int, default=-1,
help='Directory depth for -d statistics. Default: unlimited')
ap.add_argument('-e', '--exclude',
help='File containing file patterns to exclude. Default: scripts/spdxexclude')
ap.add_argument('-f', '--files', action='store_true',
help='Show files without SPDX.')
ap.add_argument('-m', '--maxlines', type=int, default=15,
help='Maximum number of lines to scan in a file. Default 15')
ap.add_argument('-v', '--verbose', action='store_true', help='Verbose statistics output')
args = ap.parse_args()
# Sanity check path arguments
if '-' in args.path and len(args.path) > 1:
sys.stderr.write('stdin input "-" must be the only path argument\n')
# Use git to get the valid license expressions
repo = git.Repo(os.getcwd())
assert not repo.bare
# Initialize SPDX data
spdx = read_spdxdata(repo)
# Initialize the parser
parser = id_parser(spdx)
except SPDXException as se:
if se.el:
sys.stderr.write('%s: %s\n' %(se.el.path, se.txt))
sys.stderr.write('%s\n' %se.txt)
except Exception as ex:
sys.stderr.write('FAIL: %s\n' %ex)
sys.stderr.write('%s\n' %traceback.format_exc())
fname = args.exclude
if not fname:
fname = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), 'spdxexclude')
exclude_rules = read_exclude_file(fname)
except Exception as ex:
sys.stderr.write('FAIL: Reading exclude file %s: %s\n' %(fname, ex))
if len(args.path) and args.path[0] == '-':
stdin = os.fdopen(sys.stdin.fileno(), 'rb')
parser.parse_lines(stdin, args.maxlines, '-')
if args.path:
for p in args.path:
if os.path.isfile(p):
parser.parse_lines(open(p, 'rb'), args.maxlines, p)
elif os.path.isdir(p):
scan_git_subtree(repo.head.reference.commit.tree, p,
sys.stderr.write('path %s does not exist\n' %p)
# Full git tree scan
scan_git_tree(repo.head.commit.tree, '.', args.depth)
ndirs = len(parser.spdx_dirs)
dirsok = 0
if ndirs:
for di in parser.spdx_dirs.values():
if not di.missing:
dirsok += 1
if args.verbose:
sys.stderr.write('License files: %12d\n' %spdx.license_files)
sys.stderr.write('Exception files: %12d\n' %spdx.exception_files)
sys.stderr.write('License IDs %12d\n' %len(spdx.licenses))
sys.stderr.write('Exception IDs %12d\n' %len(spdx.exceptions))
sys.stderr.write('Files excluded: %12d\n' %parser.excluded)
sys.stderr.write('Files checked: %12d\n' %parser.checked)
sys.stderr.write('Lines checked: %12d\n' %parser.lines_checked)
if parser.checked:
pc = int(100 * parser.spdx_valid / parser.checked)
sys.stderr.write('Files with SPDX: %12d %3d%%\n' %(parser.spdx_valid, pc))
missing = parser.checked - parser.spdx_valid
mpc = int(100 * missing / parser.checked)
sys.stderr.write('Files without SPDX:%12d %3d%%\n' %(missing, mpc))
sys.stderr.write('Files with errors: %12d\n' %parser.spdx_errors)
if ndirs:
sys.stderr.write('Directories accounted: %8d\n' %ndirs)
pc = int(100 * dirsok / ndirs)
sys.stderr.write('Directories complete: %8d %3d%%\n' %(dirsok, pc))
if ndirs and ndirs != dirsok and args.dirs:
if args.verbose:
sys.stderr.write('Incomplete directories: SPDX in Files\n')
for f in sorted(parser.spdx_dirs.keys()):
di = parser.spdx_dirs[f]
if di.missing:
valid = - di.missing
pc = int(100 * valid /
sys.stderr.write(' %-80s: %5d of %5d %3d%%\n' %(f, valid,, pc))
if ndirs and ndirs != dirsok and args.files:
if args.verbose or args.dirs:
sys.stderr.write('Files without SPDX:\n')
for f in sorted(parser.spdx_dirs.keys()):
di = parser.spdx_dirs[f]
for f in sorted(di.files):
sys.stderr.write(' %s\n' %f)
except Exception as ex:
sys.stderr.write('FAIL: %s\n' %ex)
sys.stderr.write('%s\n' %traceback.format_exc())