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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
#ifndef S390_CCWGROUP_H
#define S390_CCWGROUP_H
struct ccw_device;
struct ccw_driver;
* struct ccwgroup_device - ccw group device
* @state: online/offline state
* @count: number of attached slave devices
* @dev: embedded device structure
* @cdev: variable number of slave devices, allocated as needed
* @ungroup_work: used to ungroup the ccwgroup device
struct ccwgroup_device {
enum {
} state;
/* private: */
atomic_t onoff;
struct mutex reg_mutex;
/* public: */
unsigned int count;
struct device dev;
struct work_struct ungroup_work;
struct ccw_device *cdev[0];
* struct ccwgroup_driver - driver for ccw group devices
* @setup: function called during device creation to setup the device
* @remove: function called on remove
* @set_online: function called when device is set online
* @set_offline: function called when device is set offline
* @shutdown: function called when device is shut down
* @driver: embedded driver structure
* @ccw_driver: supported ccw_driver (optional)
struct ccwgroup_driver {
int (*setup) (struct ccwgroup_device *);
void (*remove) (struct ccwgroup_device *);
int (*set_online) (struct ccwgroup_device *);
int (*set_offline) (struct ccwgroup_device *);
void (*shutdown)(struct ccwgroup_device *);
struct device_driver driver;
struct ccw_driver *ccw_driver;
extern int ccwgroup_driver_register (struct ccwgroup_driver *cdriver);
extern void ccwgroup_driver_unregister (struct ccwgroup_driver *cdriver);
int ccwgroup_create_dev(struct device *root, struct ccwgroup_driver *gdrv,
int num_devices, const char *buf);
extern int ccwgroup_set_online(struct ccwgroup_device *gdev);
int ccwgroup_set_offline(struct ccwgroup_device *gdev, bool call_gdrv);
extern int ccwgroup_probe_ccwdev(struct ccw_device *cdev);
extern void ccwgroup_remove_ccwdev(struct ccw_device *cdev);
#define to_ccwgroupdev(x) container_of((x), struct ccwgroup_device, dev)
#define to_ccwgroupdrv(x) container_of((x), struct ccwgroup_driver, driver)
bool dev_is_ccwgroup(struct device *dev);
static inline bool dev_is_ccwgroup(struct device *dev)
return false;
#endif /* CONFIG_CCWGROUP */