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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
#ifndef _SPARC64_MDESC_H
#define _SPARC64_MDESC_H
#include <linux/types.h>
#include <linux/cpumask.h>
#include <asm/prom.h>
struct mdesc_handle;
/* Machine description operations are to be surrounded by grab and
* release calls. The mdesc_handle returned from the grab is
* the first argument to all of the operational calls that work
* on mdescs.
struct mdesc_handle *mdesc_grab(void);
void mdesc_release(struct mdesc_handle *);
#define MDESC_NODE_NULL (~(u64)0)
#define MDESC_MAX_STR_LEN 256
u64 mdesc_node_by_name(struct mdesc_handle *handle,
u64 from_node, const char *name);
#define mdesc_for_each_node_by_name(__hdl, __node, __name) \
for (__node = mdesc_node_by_name(__hdl, MDESC_NODE_NULL, __name); \
(__node) != MDESC_NODE_NULL; \
__node = mdesc_node_by_name(__hdl, __node, __name))
/* Access to property values returned from mdesc_get_property() are
* only valid inside of a mdesc_grab()/mdesc_release() sequence.
* Once mdesc_release() is called, the memory backed up by these
* pointers may reference freed up memory.
* Therefore callers must make copies of any property values
* they need.
* These same rules apply to mdesc_node_name().
const void *mdesc_get_property(struct mdesc_handle *handle,
u64 node, const char *name, int *lenp);
const char *mdesc_node_name(struct mdesc_handle *hp, u64 node);
/* MD arc iteration, the standard sequence is:
* unsigned long arc;
* mdesc_for_each_arc(arc, handle, node, MDESC_ARC_TYPE_{FWD,BACK}) {
* unsigned long target = mdesc_arc_target(handle, arc);
* ...
* }
#define MDESC_ARC_TYPE_FWD "fwd"
#define MDESC_ARC_TYPE_BACK "back"
u64 mdesc_next_arc(struct mdesc_handle *handle, u64 from,
const char *arc_type);
#define mdesc_for_each_arc(__arc, __hdl, __node, __type) \
for (__arc = mdesc_next_arc(__hdl, __node, __type); \
(__arc) != MDESC_NODE_NULL; \
__arc = mdesc_next_arc(__hdl, __arc, __type))
u64 mdesc_arc_target(struct mdesc_handle *hp, u64 arc);
void mdesc_update(void);
struct mdesc_notifier_client {
void (*add)(struct mdesc_handle *handle, u64 node,
const char *node_name);
void (*remove)(struct mdesc_handle *handle, u64 node,
const char *node_name);
const char *node_name;
struct mdesc_notifier_client *next;
void mdesc_register_notifier(struct mdesc_notifier_client *client);
union md_node_info {
struct vdev_port {
u64 id; /* id */
u64 parent_cfg_hdl; /* parent config handle */
const char *name; /* name (property) */
} vdev_port;
struct ds_port {
u64 id; /* id */
} ds_port;
u64 mdesc_get_node(struct mdesc_handle *hp, const char *node_name,
union md_node_info *node_info);
int mdesc_get_node_info(struct mdesc_handle *hp, u64 node,
const char *node_name, union md_node_info *node_info);
void mdesc_fill_in_cpu_data(cpumask_t *mask);
void mdesc_populate_present_mask(cpumask_t *mask);
void mdesc_get_page_sizes(cpumask_t *mask, unsigned long *pgsz_mask);
void sun4v_mdesc_init(void);