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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
/* Copyright (c) 2017, 2019 The Linux Foundation. All rights reserved. */
#ifndef __A6XX_GPU_H__
#define __A6XX_GPU_H__
#include "adreno_gpu.h"
#include "a6xx.xml.h"
#include "a6xx_gmu.h"
extern bool hang_debug;
struct a6xx_gpu {
struct adreno_gpu base;
struct drm_gem_object *sqe_bo;
uint64_t sqe_iova;
struct msm_ringbuffer *cur_ring;
* cur_ctx_seqno:
* The ctx->seqno value of the context with current pgtables
* installed. Tracked by seqno rather than pointer value to
* avoid dangling pointers, and cases where a ctx can be freed
* and a new one created with the same address.
int cur_ctx_seqno;
struct a6xx_gmu gmu;
struct drm_gem_object *shadow_bo;
uint64_t shadow_iova;
uint32_t *shadow;
bool has_whereami;
void __iomem *llc_mmio;
void *llc_slice;
void *htw_llc_slice;
bool have_mmu500;
#define to_a6xx_gpu(x) container_of(x, struct a6xx_gpu, base)
* Given a register and a count, return a value to program into
* REG_CP_PROTECT_REG(n) - this will block both reads and writes for _len
* registers starting at _reg.
#define A6XX_PROTECT_NORDWR(_reg, _len) \
((1 << 31) | \
(((_len) & 0x3FFF) << 18) | ((_reg) & 0x3FFFF))
* Same as above, but allow reads over the range. For areas of mixed use (such
* as performance counters) this allows us to protect a much larger range with a
* single register
#define A6XX_PROTECT_RDONLY(_reg, _len) \
((((_len) & 0x3FFF) << 18) | ((_reg) & 0x3FFFF))
static inline bool a6xx_has_gbif(struct adreno_gpu *gpu)
return false;
return true;
#define shadowptr(_a6xx_gpu, _ring) ((_a6xx_gpu)->shadow_iova + \
((_ring)->id * sizeof(uint32_t)))
int a6xx_gmu_resume(struct a6xx_gpu *gpu);
int a6xx_gmu_stop(struct a6xx_gpu *gpu);
int a6xx_gmu_wait_for_idle(struct a6xx_gmu *gmu);
bool a6xx_gmu_isidle(struct a6xx_gmu *gmu);
int a6xx_gmu_set_oob(struct a6xx_gmu *gmu, enum a6xx_gmu_oob_state state);
void a6xx_gmu_clear_oob(struct a6xx_gmu *gmu, enum a6xx_gmu_oob_state state);
int a6xx_gmu_init(struct a6xx_gpu *a6xx_gpu, struct device_node *node);
void a6xx_gmu_remove(struct a6xx_gpu *a6xx_gpu);
void a6xx_gmu_set_freq(struct msm_gpu *gpu, struct dev_pm_opp *opp);
unsigned long a6xx_gmu_get_freq(struct msm_gpu *gpu);
void a6xx_show(struct msm_gpu *gpu, struct msm_gpu_state *state,
struct drm_printer *p);
struct msm_gpu_state *a6xx_gpu_state_get(struct msm_gpu *gpu);
int a6xx_gpu_state_put(struct msm_gpu_state *state);
#endif /* __A6XX_GPU_H__ */