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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
/* Copyright 2019 Collabora ltd. */
#ifndef __PANFROST_JOB_H__
#define __PANFROST_JOB_H__
#include <uapi/drm/panfrost_drm.h>
#include <drm/gpu_scheduler.h>
struct panfrost_device;
struct panfrost_gem_object;
struct panfrost_file_priv;
struct panfrost_job {
struct drm_sched_job base;
struct kref refcount;
struct panfrost_device *pfdev;
struct panfrost_file_priv *file_priv;
/* Contains both explicit and implicit fences */
struct xarray deps;
unsigned long last_dep;
/* Fence to be signaled by IRQ handler when the job is complete. */
struct dma_fence *done_fence;
__u64 jc;
__u32 requirements;
__u32 flush_id;
struct panfrost_gem_mapping **mappings;
struct drm_gem_object **bos;
u32 bo_count;
/* Fence to be signaled by drm-sched once its done with the job */
struct dma_fence *render_done_fence;
int panfrost_job_init(struct panfrost_device *pfdev);
void panfrost_job_fini(struct panfrost_device *pfdev);
int panfrost_job_open(struct panfrost_file_priv *panfrost_priv);
void panfrost_job_close(struct panfrost_file_priv *panfrost_priv);
int panfrost_job_push(struct panfrost_job *job);
void panfrost_job_put(struct panfrost_job *job);
void panfrost_job_enable_interrupts(struct panfrost_device *pfdev);
int panfrost_job_is_idle(struct panfrost_device *pfdev);