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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
/* Copyright (c) 2019, Intel Corporation. */
#ifndef _ICE_TXRX_LIB_H_
#define _ICE_TXRX_LIB_H_
#include "ice.h"
* ice_test_staterr - tests bits in Rx descriptor status and error fields
* @rx_desc: pointer to receive descriptor (in le64 format)
* @stat_err_bits: value to mask
* This function does some fast chicanery in order to return the
* value of the mask which is really only used for boolean tests.
* The status_error_len doesn't need to be shifted because it begins
* at offset zero.
static inline bool
ice_test_staterr(union ice_32b_rx_flex_desc *rx_desc, const u16 stat_err_bits)
return !!(rx_desc->wb.status_error0 & cpu_to_le16(stat_err_bits));
static inline __le64
ice_build_ctob(u64 td_cmd, u64 td_offset, unsigned int size, u64 td_tag)
return cpu_to_le64(ICE_TX_DESC_DTYPE_DATA |
(td_cmd << ICE_TXD_QW1_CMD_S) |
(td_offset << ICE_TXD_QW1_OFFSET_S) |
((u64)size << ICE_TXD_QW1_TX_BUF_SZ_S) |
(td_tag << ICE_TXD_QW1_L2TAG1_S));
* ice_xdp_ring_update_tail - Updates the XDP Tx ring tail register
* @xdp_ring: XDP Tx ring
* This function updates the XDP Tx ring tail register.
static inline void ice_xdp_ring_update_tail(struct ice_ring *xdp_ring)
/* Force memory writes to complete before letting h/w
* know there are new descriptors to fetch.
writel_relaxed(xdp_ring->next_to_use, xdp_ring->tail);
void ice_finalize_xdp_rx(struct ice_ring *rx_ring, unsigned int xdp_res);
int ice_xmit_xdp_buff(struct xdp_buff *xdp, struct ice_ring *xdp_ring);
int ice_xmit_xdp_ring(void *data, u16 size, struct ice_ring *xdp_ring);
void ice_release_rx_desc(struct ice_ring *rx_ring, u16 val);
ice_process_skb_fields(struct ice_ring *rx_ring,
union ice_32b_rx_flex_desc *rx_desc,
struct sk_buff *skb, u16 ptype);
ice_receive_skb(struct ice_ring *rx_ring, struct sk_buff *skb, u16 vlan_tag);
#endif /* !_ICE_TXRX_LIB_H_ */