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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
/* Copyright(c) 2007 - 2018 Intel Corporation. */
#ifndef _E1000_MBX_H_
#define _E1000_MBX_H_
#include "e1000_hw.h"
#define E1000_P2VMAILBOX_STS 0x00000001 /* Initiate message send to VF */
#define E1000_P2VMAILBOX_ACK 0x00000002 /* Ack message recv'd from VF */
#define E1000_P2VMAILBOX_VFU 0x00000004 /* VF owns the mailbox buffer */
#define E1000_P2VMAILBOX_PFU 0x00000008 /* PF owns the mailbox buffer */
#define E1000_P2VMAILBOX_RVFU 0x00000010 /* Reset VFU - used when VF stuck */
#define E1000_MBVFICR_VFREQ_MASK 0x000000FF /* bits for VF messages */
#define E1000_MBVFICR_VFREQ_VF1 0x00000001 /* bit for VF 1 message */
#define E1000_MBVFICR_VFACK_MASK 0x00FF0000 /* bits for VF acks */
#define E1000_MBVFICR_VFACK_VF1 0x00010000 /* bit for VF 1 ack */
#define E1000_VFMAILBOX_SIZE 16 /* 16 32 bit words - 64 bytes */
/* If it's a E1000_VF_* msg then it originates in the VF and is sent to the
* PF. The reverse is true if it is E1000_PF_*.
* Message ACK's are the value or'd with 0xF0000000
/* Messages below or'd with this are the ACK */
#define E1000_VT_MSGTYPE_ACK 0x80000000
/* Messages below or'd with this are the NACK */
#define E1000_VT_MSGTYPE_NACK 0x40000000
/* Indicates that VF is still clear to send requests */
#define E1000_VT_MSGTYPE_CTS 0x20000000
#define E1000_VT_MSGINFO_SHIFT 16
/* bits 23:16 are used for exra info for certain messages */
#define E1000_VT_MSGINFO_MASK (0xFF << E1000_VT_MSGINFO_SHIFT)
#define E1000_VF_RESET 0x01 /* VF requests reset */
#define E1000_VF_SET_MAC_ADDR 0x02 /* VF requests to set MAC addr */
/* VF requests to clear all unicast MAC filters */
#define E1000_VF_MAC_FILTER_CLR (0x01 << E1000_VT_MSGINFO_SHIFT)
/* VF requests to add unicast MAC filter */
#define E1000_VF_MAC_FILTER_ADD (0x02 << E1000_VT_MSGINFO_SHIFT)
#define E1000_VF_SET_MULTICAST 0x03 /* VF requests to set MC addr */
#define E1000_VF_SET_VLAN 0x04 /* VF requests to set VLAN */
#define E1000_VF_SET_LPE 0x05 /* VF requests to set VMOLR.LPE */
#define E1000_VF_SET_PROMISC 0x06 /*VF requests to clear VMOLR.ROPE/MPME*/
#define E1000_PF_CONTROL_MSG 0x0100 /* PF control message */
s32 igb_read_mbx(struct e1000_hw *hw, u32 *msg, u16 size, u16 mbx_id,
bool unlock);
s32 igb_write_mbx(struct e1000_hw *hw, u32 *msg, u16 size, u16 mbx_id);
s32 igb_check_for_msg(struct e1000_hw *hw, u16 mbx_id);
s32 igb_check_for_ack(struct e1000_hw *hw, u16 mbx_id);
s32 igb_check_for_rst(struct e1000_hw *hw, u16 mbx_id);
s32 igb_unlock_mbx(struct e1000_hw *hw, u16 mbx_id);
s32 igb_init_mbx_params_pf(struct e1000_hw *hw);
#endif /* _E1000_MBX_H_ */