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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0
* Copyright (c) 2019, Vladimir Oltean <>
/* Included by drivers/net/dsa/sja1105/sja1105.h and net/dsa/tag_sja1105.c */
#ifndef _NET_DSA_SJA1105_H
#define _NET_DSA_SJA1105_H
#include <linux/skbuff.h>
#include <linux/etherdevice.h>
#include <linux/dsa/8021q.h>
#include <net/dsa.h>
#define ETH_P_SJA1105 ETH_P_DSA_8021Q
#define ETH_P_SJA1105_META 0x0008
#define ETH_P_SJA1110 0xdadc
#define SJA1105_DEFAULT_VLAN (VLAN_N_VID - 1)
/* IEEE 802.3 Annex 57A: Slow Protocols PDUs (01:80:C2:xx:xx:xx) */
#define SJA1105_LINKLOCAL_FILTER_A 0x0180C2000000ull
/* IEEE 1588 Annex F: Transport of PTP over Ethernet (01:1B:19:xx:xx:xx) */
#define SJA1105_LINKLOCAL_FILTER_B 0x011B19000000ull
/* Source and Destination MAC of follow-up meta frames.
* Whereas the choice of SMAC only affects the unique identification of the
* switch as sender of meta frames, the DMAC must be an address that is present
* in the DSA master port's multicast MAC filter.
* 01-80-C2-00-00-0E is a good choice for this, as all profiles of IEEE 1588
* over L2 use this address for some purpose already.
#define SJA1105_META_SMAC 0x222222222222ull
#define SJA1105_META_DMAC 0x0180C200000Eull
#define SJA1105_HWTS_RX_EN 0
/* Global tagger data: each struct sja1105_port has a reference to
* the structure defined in struct sja1105_private.
struct sja1105_tagger_data {
struct sk_buff *stampable_skb;
/* Protects concurrent access to the meta state machine
* from taggers running on multiple ports on SMP systems
spinlock_t meta_lock;
unsigned long state;
u8 ts_id;
/* Used on SJA1110 where meta frames are generated only for
* 2-step TX timestamps
struct sk_buff_head skb_txtstamp_queue;
struct sja1105_skb_cb {
struct sk_buff *clone;
u64 tstamp;
/* Only valid for packets cloned for 2-step TX timestamping */
u8 ts_id;
#define SJA1105_SKB_CB(skb) \
((struct sja1105_skb_cb *)((skb)->cb))
struct sja1105_port {
struct kthread_worker *xmit_worker;
struct kthread_work xmit_work;
struct sk_buff_head xmit_queue;
struct sja1105_tagger_data *data;
struct dsa_port *dp;
bool hwts_tx_en;
/* Timestamps are in units of 8 ns clock ticks (equivalent to
* a fixed 125 MHz clock).
#define SJA1105_TICK_NS 8
static inline s64 ns_to_sja1105_ticks(s64 ns)
return ns / SJA1105_TICK_NS;
static inline s64 sja1105_ticks_to_ns(s64 ticks)
return ticks * SJA1105_TICK_NS;
static inline bool dsa_port_is_sja1105(struct dsa_port *dp)
return true;
#endif /* _NET_DSA_SJA1105_H */